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    @angiex finally set my blog up it’s

    • @Poivre congratulations ! I’ll have a look when home x

    • Love this idea ladies.

    • Hi @poivre. I just dropped a message on your blog. Writing is a really useful tool in recovery as it makes us slow down and think about a particular subject in depth… it works because we write much slower than we think so the brain has time to draw in a lot more supplementary information. Another really odd thing about blogging about our drinking problem is that we end up feeling better about ourselves after writing. The reason for this is remarkable simple, and it is to do with secrets. When we drink we say and do things that don’t live up to the standards society expects, or that we expect. We risk being shamed by these things, so we keep them secret. But secrets are a real burden… we have to maintian the secret and sometimes we lie to cover secrets which meakes the burden even bigger. We now have both the secret and the lie to maintain. But when we blog we do so relatively anonymously albeit in an open areana. It is relatively safe to do this because blogs are read by peers, or people in similar positions with similar interests. So when we say for example “I have been a terrible role model to my kids” we don’t get people saying “damned right you are, you should be ashamed of yourself!”, we get “me too!” … the secret is out (we have told it to someone) but there was no shaming penalty for it. When we write honestly about ourself we slowly unburden ourselves of the pain of holding secrets.

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