• phoenix0407 posted an update 1 week, 5 days ago

    Hi Team. I saw the doctor today and we had a look back at my blood tests since 2014. Safe to say my liver is not in great shape. However the last one had shown slight improvement so the 80 days sober I had earlier this year must have given some relief. Next step is another blood test in a month and an ultra sound to take an in depth look. This was the doctors idea and not mine, solely based off blood test results. So what now? Well, I’m not short on motivation for never picking up a drink again that’s for sure, but today has given me a pretty sharp realty check to boot. Drinking everyday for years on end of course I knew the damage I was doing to my body and it worried me a lot. But rather than deal with any of it, I would of course just check via the stuff causing the problem to start with. But no more my friends, no more. I will stay sober and in a month feel proud to say my tests see me heading in the right direction and that my body is healing itself and that means everything.

    • “No more my friends, no more.” I like that. Feel like I should write it on a post it note.

    • Well done on keeping up with your doctor’s appointments! It is scary as hell and I do mean it when I say give yourself credit for going. My doctor told me that a big issue in the medical world is “non-adherence”. I had to look that up after my appointment, lol. Non-native speaker of English here. So basically people not following up with suggested medical care, patients not taking meds, etc.
      You faced that fear and saw your doctor, and now you have a “next best step” with that blood test and the ultrasound. Hang in there and get those tests done. It will feel good to have the results, either way. If we give our liver that break, the organ recovers really well most of the time. Lots of love your way and keep us in the loop if you would like to once you know more.

    • Glad you were able to catch damage and quit drinking. glad to see you back here, @phoenix0407. day by day.

    • Yes @phoenix0407, it’s pretty scary what we do to our physical well-being with drinking! Health is everything, for sure! Good for you for heading in the right direction as far as healing is concerned. xo

    • Wonderful, talking to your doc. My blood work is stellar since quitting. I did find out I have severe osteoporosis, so that is something to check as well. I should have been downing milk instead of alcohol a long time ago.

    • You’re not alone and you have my empathy, it’s hard to accept what we do to ourselves but we do and it’s human.
      Well done on facing up to those Dr’s appointments. Your body is precious and worth supporting.

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