• phoenix0407 posted an update 2 weeks, 6 days ago

    Just about to hit the hay, end of Day 20 so 3 weeks tomorrow. I’m feeling really good, like a different person. Today is Sunday which used to be my heaviest drinking day of the week, that’s saying something trust me! I would be into the wine by 9am at the latest and knock back 4-5 bottles over the day. Needless to say I would then start my week on Monday morning feeling ashamed, anxious, gutted, fragile, helpless you name it. I’d get through as much of the day as I could before getting back on the turps to feel ‘better’. What a cycle and what a bloody mess. Today about 3pm I had a real moment of feeling so happy and proud that I wasn’t drinking I actually said to myself, out loud with a big smile on my face and almost involuntarily “this is so much better!” And it is, it’s really, really, really is. I want to stay like this forever. Happy Sunday everyone you are all AMAZING! Bring on Day 21, bring on three weeks sober and bring on Monday morning I can’t wait for ya!!

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