• PeterW posted an update 1 week, 3 days ago

    Made it through day 3 (not without a few jitters) but made it anyway.
    It is looking at the encouragement offered by this wonderful community and knowing that you are all fighting similar, and often greater, problems that is keeping me going.
    I really do feel a metaphorical hand on my shoulder when I start to weaken.

    Love, P

    • Well done Peter, we all get the jitters and think a drink will help, my mum was vile to me today (she’s 82 and has dementia is in a care home), the first thing I wanted was a bloody big vodka when I got home but sent husband out for fish and chips and I had a coke. The feeling has passed and I’m so glad I didn’t buckle. Keep going. x

    • Stronger with connection. We’re all cheering you on @peterw. šŸ™‚ Into D4, great going.

      • Its the jitters which keep me on my toes, stop me getting over confident a sure recipe for disaster. Going good @peterw.😊

    • Thanks for all the comforting messages. I have to say that yesterday was the hardest yet but I am still hanging on. I think that the good days and bad days will continue for some considerable time. They are however just days and, at the moment, I continue to focus on the smallest elements of time as that helps.
      Sorry to hear about your mum Lucy. Well done for not giving in. My mum died 10 years ago (aged 90) and, although she didn’t have dementia she could be very difficult. In those days I did of course drink heavily (and so did she).

      Love P xx

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