• PeterW posted an update 1 week ago

    Hello everyone,
    I can happily report that day 2 went quite easily without a drink. Thanks once again for all your support and encouragement.
    Tonight my wife is at her book club and I will be left to my own devices, normally a bad thing – but not this time.
    When I get through today it will be my longest run since Christmas. I know that it sounds good that I wasn’t drinking at Christmas but I did actually have Pneumonia at the time.

    Very Best Wishes,


    • Hey @PeterW, I’m going with you through the evening! Evenings without a drink are wow so long! That’s frightening first, but then there are so many possibilities. I really had to think about it – what do I do when I DON’T DRINK??? I remember looking around in the house and I can tell you, I found enough possibilities to spend a 1000%better evening than with boozing! From painting the kitchen chairs spontaneously over recovering forgotten hobbies like drawing and photographing up to lazing on the sofa and binge watching Netflix there were enough things to do. When it gets hard it’s always a good idea to come here and read, read, read 🙂

      • Thanks Happy, you are certainly living up to your name.

        I know exactly what you mean. I think that my drink problem seemed to be a way of dulling my senses because I didn’t know how to fill time. I have never really cultivated much in the way of hobbies but I certainly intend to start.

        This site is a fine place to turn when the doubts creep in.

        • It is the best place! I think with alcohol we forget self-efficacy, it copes senses and self initiative for a very long time. So it may take a time to recover what you like to do and perhaps you try to listen to yourself and hear – nothing! Doesn’t matter, needs time, not pressure. Do you know what my daughter loves to do sometimes? She stares. Just sits there staring at a point in the garden, at the wall or wherever. She gets angry when I disturb her “Mama, I’ve got a staring-point!!!” My children are idols for me in this way. They can always get along with themselves, never need substances to deal with their emotions. We can learn this again, I believe!

    • Here’s to day 3 ! 😀@peterw

    • Thanks Lucy, it’s going fine so far. I just took my dog for a walk and she couldn’t understand why we walked past the pub. She will learn. 😊

    • I came on here to see how you’ve got on today Peter, stay strong tonight you’ve got this. Filling time is my biggest challenge too I think I’m bankrupt from buying books to read
      I’ll look forward to hearing you success in the morning xx

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