• PeterW posted an update 1 week, 6 days ago

    Hello everyone,
    Well, I joined a couple of weeks ago and my drinking to non drinking ratio has been about 50%. The slip ups have been dramatic and, as I really need to quit, I need a new plan. I think that one of the problems is that I have been watching all your good news and encouraging comments without joining in.
    What I plan to do is leave a message each day of my success or otherwise. I think that if I report in I will have an added incentive to deliver good news. Please don’t feel compelled to reply to anything but I am sure that the odd encouraging reply will really help me. I will try to do the same for others.
    By the way, I live in England so the times of my comments will be when many of you are all tucked up.

    Very best wishes to you all,
    Peter x

    • Hi Peter, good on you for hanging in here and posting! It does make a difference in the early days to submerge yourself in all things sobriety. I listened to podcasts, read books, articles and relied on this site for support. But I also had one key element: I WANTED to live without alcohol. If you keep going back to it, do you really, really want to live without it? (That’s not meant to be a judgement but a gentle, probing question.) xo

      • Thank you, I do have a few sobriety tools to try.
        In the past I haven’t been able to see beyond the very short term but now it’s time to knuckle down.

    • Sounds like a very good plan. It’s amazing what connection and words of encouragement can do for our recovery journey. It gives us the petrol we need! 😊

      • Thanks for your kind reply. Encouragement from those who understand the problem is worth it’s weight in gold.

    • Thanks Lucy,
      I am sure that you will stay strong. 58 days is almost 2 full months and twice as long as anything I have managed in the last 40 years (till soon).

    • Hi @peterW, there are lots and lots of people from the UK and US here so don’t worry about the time thing.
      Yes it does change something, shifting from reading only to posting. The encouragement is really a help. Agree with what Scared said – that’s an extra layer of encouragement. We need it as the rest of the time we’re surrounded by the normalisation of drinking.

    • That’s a great plan @peterw and one I decided to do three weeks ago – it’s working and like you I felt (and sometimes still do) like I was posting too much. Bit bonkers really – that’s exactly what it is here for – to vent, share, support and be supported. All of those things are important on there own but wrap them up together and it’s quite a powerful mix. Congrats!

      • It changed for me as well when I started posting, the support was amazing all from people who did not know me but who cared enough to encourage me and validate me! I also live in England and I love reading the new posts in the morning, all that has been going on whilst I’ve been asleep it makes you realise what a wonderful great big world we live in. Keep safe and remember @PeterW all you have to do is NOT DRINK TODAY👍

        • Thanks MaryB, one day at a time and I haved managed to bag the first. Thanks for your kind thoughts and, as they say,keep calm and carry on soberly.

          Best wishes, Peter

    • Yep I reckon checking in each day helps. I am up to day 28 (several times I hve been here) and find it helps. people are generous in their support. Yep you can do it

    • I’m also in England but the support has been amazing
      Well done Peter let’s keep doing it from this side of the pond

      • Thanks SoberBrightongirl. I also live in Sussex, near Haywards Heath.
        Best wishes, Peter

        • Very local then. It’s tealky tough to start with but the cravings gain more distance. Keep logging on to here it’s amazing support and helps avoid those trigger moments

    • It’s kind of fun watching the various portions of the globe light up the feed as the world turns.

    • Hello Lucy, how did yesterday go? I hope you got through without having to chew the furniture. It was a close thing for me and it was your comments that swung it.

      Very best wishes, Peter

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