• paza posted an update 2 months, 4 weeks ago

    Day 3 today I never slept last night so I’m going to try and get a few hours while kids at school has anyone else had this problem?? Xx

    • Yes I think it’s pretty common (and very unpleasant!) It does pass- stick with it!!!!

      • Yep I think it’s very normal ….I’m Day 8 and my sleeping has been dreadful…..waking in the early hours and waking early …….it’s certainly not restful is it ….hang in there and wait for it too pass …..that’s exactly what i keep telling myself 🙂

    • It’s very common @paza. Sleep whenever you can for now. It will regulate in time. Any other symptoms of detoxing will also diminish as the days pass. Great job on day 3! You are doing this! You and @Tewy! Early days are typically a bitch (first 10) but once this part passes you’ll physically feel better than ever.

    • Its a little dependent on your piss consumption, 5-20 days. Normally for most bout 10. Set a good sleep hygiene routine now and follow through. E.g no ipads etc in bed, read or listen to audiobooks. You need to head to bed at least hr before to get to routine, calmly and easily. Things will change

    • Normal in early sobriety rest and lots of self care❤️

    • Thanks everyone for your comments I will keep that all in mind I will push through today and rest when I can x

    • Lol here I am 0432….. and already been awake since 0300…..listened to a meditation hoping to fall asleep but nope, thoughts churning and already obsessing about not drinking…..Day 9 today …… alarm goes off at 6am I bet that’s when I fall asleep!!

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