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    Yup, this I know. It has gotten easier. I think I’ll refocus and hold the line. Thanx for your words.

  • Morning! Coming up on 5 months sober but struggling last week or two… Summer and outdoor events have got me thinking that maybe I can drink just occasionally like BBQs, camping, etc even though I have tried this before…

    • We all tried this, I think. But I suspect, that there are only two alternatives: to drink or not to drink. There’s nothing in between. Somebody who is able to drink occasionally wouldn’t be here with us. 5 month are so great!!!

    • I’m with @Seni. Moderation is possible for many, but not for most of us on this site. That’s alcohol’s most sneaky lie right there. Huge congrats on your 5 months WOW!!!!

    • Hi @outdoorsman You say “even though I have tried this before…” If you have already tried it then you already know the answer.

      Staying AF for a period does not make us able to drink again, it is an illusion we create for ourselves. Ad we stack up a few sober days we find we gradually find it easier to get past the cravings, and this is the seat of this illusion. We think we’ve got better at managing cravings and will therefore be able to stop drinking at the moment we choose to. But this is not what has happened. What has happened is not that we have got better at overcoming cravings but that the cravings have become less intense. This is whet happens to them when they are unsuccessful (a craving is unsuccessful when it fails to return a drink, and then it loses some of its power the next time it comes). The idea that we have this under control now is an illusion. What happens when we drink again is that we re-power the cravings and they very quickly get back to their full strength… and we are back in the trap.

      You have tried this before and discovered for yourself the answer to this question. The answer is still the same. 2+2 still = 4.

    • don’t i know it. i have that conversation with myself more on these beautiful spring days more than any other time. just one, ha.

    • Yep, you’re romanticizing the idea of sitting around the campfire with a beer. Except it wont be one beer. Find a great mug and a great AF drink to put in it. It might be just a little struggle but once you get through, the next time will be easier. We don’t drink around the fire because the fun will end but our drinking won’t. Better to not drink at all.

    • Ooooohhhh nooooo the moderation rabbit hole! That’s how I stuffed up 3 years af! Now on day 254 and af for life. Believe me moderation is a trap. 😲

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    Good Luck Sobermommy’s Dad!

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    I too love home. And the self care I now seem to view as worthwhile. 37 days in and getting easier already. Determination growing too. Happy 2019 Everybody! Let’s make it count!

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    Yes, had a conversation with myself about what I really want and why I stopped coming there 25 days ago. Having a great morning and would not be had I gone through the doors. Thanx for positive encouragement!

  • Last night was a close one… with all the holiday cheer and festive invites for drinks. Made it home but found myself parked at the beer store looking in the window at 9:30. Sat there for a minute but didn’t go in, drove home empty handed, and pounded a half dozen club sodas instead. The holidays add a bit to my challenge it seems, but determined to make this my first sober Christmas in 30 years. 25 days and counting… Merry Sober Christmas to all, and best in 2019.

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    Morning! Blue skies up in Northern BC! Notice things like that more now. Mornings are better now, even though just day 21. Make it a good one!