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    13 March 2016… “I sit here right now a guilty mess I’ve screwed up again… I’ve sat here before, hungover, confused, wondering why?! Why does this keep happening. Why do I drink soooo much? Why do I write myself off? Today is my tipping point, last night has proved to me that I AM a problem drinker. I practically ruined any fun that was to be had by my drinking habits. I’ve embarrassed myself, my husband, I’ve really been a fool. No longer ! I need to change because next time if there ever was one will be the time something goes VERY wrong. I feel I’ve exhasuted my chances I can not go on living this way, my affair with alcohol ends TODAY, alcohol has grabbed onto me and turns me into a dark soul it causes me to forget who I am, forget my family , I can’t even look in the mirror today, my eyes are lost they can’t focus, alcohol poisons every part of me it’s destroyong me, No more binge sessions where I ignore all logic and show off and let my stupid ego take over, no more guilt, no more ignoring my real issues, no longer is alcohol “fun” it hasn’t been for a long time, this is me, there is Hope, I will do this “…….. and I did !!! Been wanting to share this letter to myself for a while and thought the 3 YEAR mark was the best time !! Arohanui whanau ! Kia kaha there is always hope !!

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