• Normaleelucid posted an update 6 days, 13 hours ago

    Cold and wintery in the Bay today. One of those days when your feet don’t warm up. I’m thinking about @Prudence in lovely warm Rome and all the delights that come with it. None of them booze haha. I am following a keto diet because my sugar addiction and back pain were out of control. Two months in and I am much improved. I have lost 5 or so kg which is a lot on my short frame and I am feeling heaps better. Next month there’s a bunch of us who will hit five years sober, @prudence included. What an amazing ride it has been and continues to be so. Thinking about lots of you today and what a bunch of starts you all are. Keep warm xx

    • Keto rocks. I’m 6 months ahead of you all, it’s lovely to see members in here from the early days racking up the years. Imagine when lots of members have 30 20 10 years sober. Mind you even one day is cool

    • Thanks for thinking of me mate. Off to Naples and Pompeii today. Yay! Xxx

    • Beautiful post! oxoxoxo You 5-year-soon crew keep on shining the light back to us here. Makes me wanna keep on keeping on!

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