• Noelle posted an update 2 weeks, 5 days ago

    Checking in. Did Dry January then had wine at a movie on Saturday then a bottle last night. No, I can’t be trusted . I know that I’ll slip into my bad habits again . I’m going to carry on … Day 1 or 34 – 2 . I had a splurge now it’s back on the horse again …

    • Well done for realising that it’s not going to work for you and jumping straight back on the sober train xxx

    • Right back up on that horse ya go, love! oxoxo
      I remember when I lapsed…it went from “one glass” (I DID manage ONCE to have just one….) to begging my husband to “pleasssseeeee go get anooother oooonee”…..Two plus bottles of red wine later…..and that was my last hangover ever. God willing.


    • I reckon I’d be the same if I picked up again now. One glass one day then the next a whole bottle. Hugs x

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