• nixon35 posted an update 6 months, 3 weeks ago

    Hello everyone! First merry Christmas and happy holidays. I was wondering two things. First, did anyone else besides me get headaches when they first quit? I am on day 13. Second, I told a friend i quit and he was supportive. However he asked me if I could drink in moderation. I said no I’m done. But I was wondering, What exactly does drinking in moderation mean? One a week? Two a week?

    Thanks everyone!

    • @nixon35 I definitely had headaches but they past pretty early on. As far as moderation, to me it is a state of mind. If you can have a couple of drinks occasionally and not crave more, than I guess that’s ok. Moderation is not an option for me. Just the thought of having a drink sends my mind into overdrive as to how can I get a head start without anyone knowing. Trying to moderate is much harder work than just quitting.

      • Thanks very much for the replies. And yes I feel like moderation wouldn’t be an option. I feel like one drink would lead to four and four would lead to eight. Thanks for the advise.

    • Hi @nixon35, yes I had headaches for quite a while, but they passed and a couple of paracetamol every day or two was nothing compared to the other poison I was downing. Moderation to me means giving up everything I have worked so hard for over the last 3 plus years, it is not an option, I am a sort of all or nothing person! Well done on your 13 days stick with us here, the support is amazing xoxox

    • Indeed, what does drinking in moderation mean @nixon35
      Because it seems like anyone who has to consciously ‘moderate’ their drinking is putting quite a lot of hard work into keeping their drinking at a certain level. Which is something people without any compulsion around alcohol don’t seem to need to do.
      So there’s an argument to be made that if we need to moderate our intake, probably we’ve already got problematic habit and thought patterns around booze. Given drinking more than the recommended intake even daily is normalised socially and by so many people, and thought of as ‘normal’ and harmless drinking, it’s understandable its confusing.
      Personally I can no longer be bothered with all the effort and the constant attention required to moderate, and I don’t think long-term it would change anything. I’d just be in a constant tussle with myself. The times I tried to cut back were worse than when I was drinking, for how much focus went into not having another. Exhausting!
      It was easier in many ways just to stop and explore what that was like.
      Anyway, I suppose drinking under the recommended intake might be thought of as moderation. Merry Xmas and happy holidays 🙂

    • Moderation seems like a word for “normal” drinkers who might have one beer at a time, once or twice a week. I don’t think it applies once you feel you drink too much. If I drink a beer, I want more.

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