• NewStartSteph posted an update 4 months, 1 week ago

    Day 9. My last post just disappeared when I edited it… weird.
    I’ve been listening to and reading so many books about LS that I am starting to notice how brainwashed we have all been. It made me remember an argument I had with my step-mum about 20 years ago about whether it would be worse for your child to start smoking tobacco or marijuana. We were DRUNK at the time and didn’t spot the irony! It gets sadder… my half-sister (my step-mums daughter) ended up addicted to alcohol and has been in rehab on and off for the last 10 years or so.
    I keep thinking about my own kids, who are pre teen, and how to counter the endless exposure to positive alcohol messaging. Its like a tidal wave. Has anyone else thought about this or had any ideas?
    I posted on facebook yesterday about what a lovely time my husband I were having out on our boat fishing. About every third reply made a reference to alcohol, e.g. “that fish would be nice with a pinot gris”. I would have never noticed this before of course – but made me realise what a natural assumption it is that you must be having alcohol to be have nice time. And also a reflection on me as a drinker – never an occasion where I didn’t have a wine. 🙁

    • So true! Love fish too! ❤️

    • @newstartsteph I’ve found the best thing you can do for your preteens is set the example- if you don’t want them to drink then don’t drink (I know easier said than done sometimes) and talk to them about the dangers of alcohol abuse. My kids have seen me in periods of sobriety and not. I wish they had never seen me NOT AF. It has impacted our relationships and lives. Although I have good relationships with them now they are grown I would have definitely stayed sober after my five years AF rather than going back to drinking. It’s a lesson learned and all is okay but I wanted to share so you have the chance to choose now.

      • Thanks @Sober4real. I have made the choice. No going back. So that parts done :). But I’ve just become aware of the endless messages out there that they are exposed to so was thinking about the best way to counter it. I will talk to them about it for sure. I also remember Nigel Latta’s programme on the brain did an episode on alcohol which was great so may see if that is still around on demand. Will get them to watch it at the right opportunity.

    • so sorry to hear that @newstartsteph .. bloody lost post issues.. editing is often a problem (although I’ve never experienced it). Make sure that you hit ‘save’ not ‘reply’ after you have edited (not saying you didn’t do that but just making sure 😊) I have nudged our developer for feedback will let you know as soon as I hear.

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