• newstart100 posted an update 2 weeks ago

    622 days sober and when I play the game ‘Simon’ with my kids (you know the one where you have to remember color combinations in the order they are given and repeat them back to the game) I can get up to 13 color combinations!! That is proof enough for me that my brain has been healed from all of the damage I did to it with alcohol. Two years ago I could only get up to 8! I really am smarter now that I don’t drink 🙂 xo

    • That is such a wonderful feeling!

    • How wonderful! Congrats!

    • Haha I LOVE that!!

    • Gosh this is great to know. The other day I thought my vocabulary was starting to come back. I thought I was imagining it. I’m miles away from your days but I’m excited thinking about this good news! Thank you.

    • You did the hard work and now you are reaping the benefits. Congrats on 622! You are an inspiration to us all……

    • Love it … that’s great!!

    • Love it!!! Getting smarter everyday!!! 622 is inspiring!

    • love hearing that. congrats on 622 days AF, @newstart100

    • Lizk replied 2 weeks ago


    • Yep, and smarter just scratches the surface of all ways we’re better. Sounds like your summer is going well. School start in August or September?

      • Hi @tom4500! Summer is going well but school starts in 3 weeks. I’ll definitely be ready for it. The girls have been wonderful but mom is ready to get her days back! I’m still contemplating my work future. Staying the course for now but am going to be taking some coursework in the fall to keep my high school license up to date. Don’t want to let it lapse so that I can keep my options open. Off to a softball tournament this morning, looks like rain thou. Definitely will be bringing the umbrella xo

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