• newstart100 posted an update 1 month, 3 weeks ago

    The new post on the main screen is really great @mrs-d about switching our thinking! I really needed to read that today, thank you. For anyone who is feeling a bit stuck about the socializing aspect of sobriety, this is a great post to read.

    Also, Mrs. D’s books are wonderful and have really helped me. If you are looking for great resources ‘Mrs. D is Going Without’ and ‘Mrs. D is Going Within’ are staples on my bookshelf! Have a great sober day everyone!! xoxo

    • I will try to read them now, I hesitated because English is not my first language. But I read other books yet, that were really helpful, too: Catherine Gray, Amy Liptrot, Claire Pooley (the German translations) and some German authors. I love to read about those experiences, all those wise thoughts by strong and conscious people are so very enlightening!

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