• Mtedenmummy posted an update 2 weeks, 4 days ago

    Well my plans for the kids first day back at school went a bit sideways with Mr4 getting sent home from kindy with asthma. I probably should have known as he was up about 6-7 times last night, terrible mummy!
    BigMiss had a Whakatau at her new school which was all warm and fuzzy (for our non kiwi friends a Mihi whakatau is a formal Maori welcome) so at least I got to that before “the call” from kindergarten. He’s ok (almost, sort of not really) on his inhalers but after our last total disaster week in hospital I am a bit nervous.

    As for drinky mummy she’s a long long way away today. Why? Probably I have been outdoors, I went to the gym, no coffee, and my catch up with LS peeps yesterday. What do i need to watch? There’s a good chance that I will have broken sleep again tonight so an early night on the cards.

    So grateful for this place where kindness and honesty rule x x

    • Aww poor little guy! I hope he gets better soon xxx

    • oh bummer!! today was such a glorious day, dropping the kids at school for the first time in weeks.. x

      • Ha, @mrs-d most parents were struggling to contain their excitement at drop off this morning!! I felt a bit melancholy about such a fantastic holiday having come to an end. I know it’s a summer they will never forget

    • och asthma 😫 poor family it’s bloody hard work sometimes.

      good self-care AF mummy 🙂 👍🏼❤️

    • I hope you are all deeply sleeping. A summer they will never forget sounds wonderful – have I missed an adventure story?
      Xxxx been missing you xxxxx

    • How lovely that your kids had such a great summer ( I guess that’s what you mean?). What a lovely mummy you are!

    • Sober @mtedenmummy is definetly not a terrible mummy. Asthma sucks and I too have sent my young man off with quite a wheeze hoping it would improve only to get a call a bit later on for pick up. Hope Mr4 sleeps better tonight.

      • Thanks everyone 🙂 @rise2015 @agirl @morgan @enzedgirl
        Just a good old fashioned school holiday. Lots of camping, cheerful quirky little beaches, surf, sun, sand, walks, board games, cards, good food etc etc. I managed to not work for most of it and I really worked hard on getting in there with the kids. It just was magical.
        I am sitting up at Starship with Mr4 on nebuliser. Thankfully nowhere near as bad as our last stay here and I am SOBER here with him so two things to be grateful for 🙂

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