• Mtedenmummy posted an update 2 weeks, 6 days ago

    Sorry I haven’t been on much. Combo of an attempted digital detox, school holidays and a bit of sobriety laziness.

    I have just got home after a catch up with the fabulous @enzedgirl @Agent99 @Mommyshark @agirl and @rise2015 I’m aaaaaaall full of warm fuzzies!!

    Key learnings and things I once knew but have forgotten…

    – these impressive women are warriors. So brave to fight this fight when everything from social norms to their own biology is working to trick them in to a drink.
    – me time is important 😉 One of my signs that things are a bit off is that I stay up until stupid oclock for no reason other than to carve out time by myself.
    – connecting with other people who are wrestling with the same problems is more powerful than you can imagine (a problem shared is a problem halved as me ma would have said! Which probably leads on to the reflection that a lot of those old wisdoms speak the truth).
    – probably the next biggest thing for me is to write it down. So here goes my commitment to writing it down. It wont always be here, but it will be written down somewhere.
    – and last but not least I was reminded yet again that haloumi is goddam delicious!!

    I am going to try to get on here more. Thanks for the shout outs @janus2 and @dontblamethemusic Lotsa love to you both x x

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