• mrschurchill posted an update 1 week, 5 days ago

    Hi everyone! It’s five weeks sober for me AND it’s my 60th birthday. (I can’t believe I’m 60 but oh well.) I asked my DH to take me up to London today to visit museums and for a meal at a fancy schmantzy restaurant. He came back to me very apologetically and said that the only reservation he could get was for 4:15 PM. I just waved my hand and assured him that an early dinner was absolutely fine because then I won’t get indigestion. Then I had to laugh at what I just said. How appropriate for turning 60. However, at least I’m not 60 years old with a hangover on her birthday and I know that sounds like a small thing but not having a hangover or feeling just tired and “meh” all day is a big deal — especially when you’re 60 🙂

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