• mrschurchill posted an update 1 week, 3 days ago

    I have recently stopped drinking and this is the bewitching hour for me. I would usually pour the wine and sit down… and then go blotto. I don’t intend to drink but I just want to put this out there. Also. I’m extremely tired today and woke up with a headache… but at least I know it’s not a hangover.

    • Hi @mrschurchill tiredness sets my drinking mind off to.. I used alcohol as a crutch but I just couldn’t stop and would wake up feeling awful.. hope you feel better after a good sleep ..

    • Yup, incessant headaches and sleepless nights for me. Paracetamol helped me. Glad to say I am through that phase now and feeling great and my body is enjoying being poison free. In NZ it’s 6am but assume your bewitching hour is about 5pm. Go for a brisk walk, think of the benefits, the puffiness of the face and eyes that disappears, the breathing and financial benefits. I am loving life.

    • Are the sober headaches normal? I feel like I wake up with one every morning but it goes away quickly. It bothers me because I associate waking up with a headache with hangovers… 🙁

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