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    Have you logged out and back in? That may solve it.

    Once I have done load more I cannot ever reply to comments, just under someone else’ s response. How weird is that @mrs-d? I wonder if common. Try under someone’s response. Or just do a new post naming the people you want to mention,

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    @mrs-d I felt it. I’m pretty slim and noticed I was putting on weight around my tum but nowhere else. Thought maybe it was a mid-life thing, although not convinced. It took a few months for it to sink in that there definitely was something else going on. So it was a pelvic ultrasound and a CT scan that alerted the doctor followed by bloods (…[Read more]

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    @mrs-d pls see above post. Pls hook us up 🙂

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    @gilligan5323 I hear ya, I’m an adoptee too & I am so tired of being told I should be grateful, & so tired of being told by non-adoptees what my experience was like. We are very highly represented in the addiction stats, quelle surprise. You are welcome to email me if you want to discuss offline –@mrs-d, please pass on my email if gilligan5323…[Read more]

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    So excited for your next book @mrs-d! 🙂 Here’s to a sober weekend indeed!

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    Well, sorry to hear about post – can you inform the techies, menu above. @mrs-d
    Great second post!!!!!

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    @mrs-d @kitten @prudence thank you guys so much for encouraging me, I don’t have many people in my real life who have walked this path and so even though they’re generally encouraging, it’s so nice to have friendship and accountability with people who have been here xx

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    Would be wise to book early or get included on the accomodation messenger group or Living Healthy FB page – link in with others renting. Has someone got your email Etc? @mrs-d links us up if desired

    • Hi @morgan I am on the Living Healthy page from when I hoped to make it to an earlier Chch meeting and have posted there yesterday. How do I get onto the accom messenger group?

  • Day 75

    Well, I am now experiencing a total loss of a post. I write, posted, saw it post. Read some other posts. Came back to my post to see if any replies and then left for a couple hours. Come back, and post is gone. I did not do any editing on it but I did add a comment myself onto it. I can actually SEE my comment on my post in my own…[Read more]

    • Oh and I should add I did end up trying CBD oil…..and even VERY low dose THC (11%) indica marij. Not for me. I tried both and will not use them again. CBD oil is good for relaxing your body and so it wasn’t bad, but a couple of cups of Kava Tea does the same thing so it didn’t do anything more for me. And ANY marij with THC is a definite no….I…[Read more]

      • Heya, @TipsyToeGal. Gotta agree w/ you on the THC thing ~ really dug it somewhere back in High School, but not something I’d chase today, either. The buzz is too…side-ways intense. To each his/her own, I s’pose. Sorry to hear about your disappearing posts. It’ll be some…thing… Hmm, annoying. What’s the kava tea like? Had kava before, but not…[Read more]

    • @tipsytoegal I’ll be happy for you when you get to go home. You’ll still have those feelings to deal with. I have PTSD from abusive trauma in childhood but I’m aware of it so I don’t think about it much anymore. I would if I was attracting narcissists. I looked up “Narcissistic Abuse syndrome/trauma bonding/C-PTSD” and it’s all over the internet…[Read more]

      • @sober4real I also am not a stranger to the effects of childhood abuse and have done my share of counseling/healing from it. But clearly I was not getting to the “core” of it as that is the very thing that attracts narcissists (narcs) into our lives to begin with. I see it much more clearly now and also see my “core issue” so much more clearly…[Read more]

    • @tipsytoegal that was ethical of your previous therapist. Trauma theory is a rapidly evolving field and there are some very established & highly skilled trauma therapists in the US – there must be some sort of umbrella organisation where you could look up some names of licensed therapists skilled in trauma work in your area?
      I know it’s scary and…[Read more]

      • What she said. Wonderful reply. I also wondered if you had a yoga or Tai chi class you could do daily @tipsytoegal? It sounds as if getting out of your mind/ power emotions and into your body would be grounding. There is a book, ‘Get out of your mind and into your Life’ – I’m not sure if it helps with trauma, though I wonder if when it is all…[Read more]

        • Hi @morgan. I like what you said about getting more into my body. Yes. Getting out of my mind/emotions is definitely a good thing to do. I can get lost there so easily sometimes! I don’t do yoga or Tai Chi but I do swim a lot. I discovered that last year when I first started this sober path and I LOVE IT. It truly does bring me right back…[Read more]

      • Hi @liberty

        I agree with you about my counselor being honest with me of what she can/can’t provide for me.

        I’m actually no stranger to counseling, pretty much been in an out of it my whole life at various times. Before all of this happened (this experience in Oregon), I quite literally thought I was past all of it. I had only been going to…[Read more]

        • Mm, go well @tipsytoegal. It’s such a personal path isn’t it. Layers of the onion. Well I’m glad you feel in that place. I’m not sure I know that place but others speak about it.

    • Hmmmm never had Kava. Must look that one up. I have come to believe alcohol is the symptom to whatever it is we have. Once I figured that out it became easier to get rid of the alcohol. I always have had it in the back of my head that nothing would change unless I got rid of the alcohol. Now that it’s gone things are getting clearer.

    • @tipsytoegal, I just wanted to mention that I noticed there is a NZ narcissist survivors support group on fb and I wondered if you might find something similar. xxx

      • Thank you for letting me know! I haven’t done a concerted search for that yet but I will take a look. Hadn’t thought of looking on fb! Thank you!

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    Thanks @mrs-d for your comment and this whole wonderful LS community. I hope that the hard things happening in your life at the mo are feeling a bit more manageable for you today!

  • Gojo posted an update 5 days, 20 hours ago

    Hullo LS Warriors I am on holiday at the Northland beach that has been my sanctuary and soul home all my life. Today my counters read 700 days AF and $10,000 saved. Whoop dee Doo! I would have liked to do a much longer update on my journey to get this far but I am on my cellphone and don’t have wifi.
    @mrs-d and LS sober community have been…[Read more]

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    @mrs-d you are so real …..it’s not always easy but it’s always worth it. Glad you are staying grounded and just walking through it. An inspiration as always.

  • April posted a new activity comment 5 days, 22 hours ago

    Take care @mrs-d

  • Liberty posted a new activity comment 5 days, 23 hours ago

    I love how you say how it really is @mrs-d, no pretending – so powerful. xx

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    Awesome! Hope this is a better week for you @mrs-d. Such a gorgeous hot day in welly today! Yay! ❤️❤️

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    OOh sounds awful! Hope the day gets better @mrs-d. Hopefully your son will make it up to you later too. At least it’s sunny in welly. I’m sorry to hear of sad news in your family. Love and hugs. ❤️❤️

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    @mrs-d sounds like many of us had that day. So happy to always know here I’m not alone. I always say there is nothing that happens in my life in which a drink will ever make better. Good or bad! xoxoxo hang in there…!

  • Mrs D posted an update 1 week, 1 day ago

    Ok well that was the third crazy foreign posting we’ve had with a bunch of crazy language prattling on about something completely unrelated to sobriety. SPAM! Thanks for those that notified me.. that’s the best thing to do .. just tag me below @mrs-d and I will rush in to mark them as spam (just woke up to two notifications cheers). I’ll mention…[Read more]

    • Oh good, you saw it. I was wondering whether the poster might delete the post before you got to it.
      Indonesian, google translate said. It’s odd; I don’t get how it’s supposed to work as a marketing technique. Chance of anyone here understanding let alone being moved to purchase seem fadingly remote….

    • Thanks for taking care of that!!! I am an admin on a DV forum and we get about 4-6 monthly posts for everything from Nigerian princes claiming to give away millions, to hair extensions that can heal broken hearts, and juggling ponies for sale. oxoxox Ban user IP …Boom.

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    A post about skin care products @mrs-d. ^

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