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    Hi @mrs-d thank you for that. I have just done both the things that you said but it hasn’t changed. Also when I begin to type in the comment space it kind of jumps and I have to painstakingly scroll to find where I am again. It is a pity becuase this device is so comfortabe and easy for in bed or on the big orange chair, that’s why I like it so…[Read more]

    • Hey @prudence it’s good you’ve got another device to use but I would seriously consider getting a techie person to look at your tablet in person because there is obviously something wrong there. I’m 99% confident that it’s a localised issue to you because no other member has mentioned such a problem and they haven’t chimed in when you bring it…[Read more]

      • Perhaps I will do again what you said, maybe I didn’t do it right, although your instructions were perfect and very easy to follow. When I hit clear cache, nothing really happened to show me it was being cleared. But hey, thanks for your concern. For now I’ve got a feather pillow on my lap so the new one sits more comfortably. Those techie people…[Read more]

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    Yes that will be why @mrs-d I didn’t see it at all. I saw the related articles but did not think to scroll to below them because it is not logical. It will be good if he can change it because I think it is really great for the people who write things, incuding you, to get the feedback they deserve. Dan was going to look into why the site does not…[Read more]

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    Thank you for reposting that @mrs-d and thank YOU @sunshinestace for sharing your story. Although some of the details are different (eg I am not a parent) there are a lot of similarities. I sometimes think “I wasnt that bad” and people often say “You didnt drink that much” … but they dont know the truth. I too hid wine bottles in the bin so…[Read more]

    • Omg! I feel like laughing and crying all at once – I was exactly the same re bottles in the bin! Used to keep old boxes and newspapers so that I could conceal them in the bin and not so much ‘cluncking and smashing’ noise when the bin was emptied – otherwise what would the neighbours think???!!!! That’s a classic flashback – we sure learnt how t…[Read more]

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    Hi @mrs-d Just wanted to say that I read both your Mrs D books back to back and found my way here. Loved them and read them over two days. Just what I needed. 15 days.
    Love the sober treats idea and I have just listened to both sides of a Miles Davis record.
    Thank you.

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    Hello @Camelia01 (I wonder who you were before and if I know you) but anyway, I’ve just read a little article that @Mrs-D has written for Sanford House, it will be very helpful for you. It is all about exactly what you are saying, so please scroll down a little to Mrs-D’s post below (not very far down) and press READ MORE and you will be able to…[Read more]

    • Thankyou @Prudence I think the article is uncomfortably true. I cant deny that there is a stubborn strong part of me that for whatever reason wants to cling on to the belief that drinking is OK, despite the evidence. I dont know what else to do but accept that its there for now and connect to my desire for freedom from all the negative…[Read more]

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    Excellent article @Mrs-D you’ve totally nailed it, once again. So proud of you and all your achievements xoxo

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    Sounds like a perfect day with your dad and family. Enjoy your yummy treats. And thank you as always for this wonderland site and great info. You rock @mrs-d. xx

  • Jes posted a new activity comment 1 day, 6 hours ago

    Wow that was SUCH a good read! I could so relate! Anyone struggling right now check it out!!!👆
    P.s. i 💗 lamb @mrs-d ! So jealous!😁
    And yes GREAT day to be sober!💟

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    Great to read one of your happy, bubbly posts @Mrs-D 🙂 And agree – great day to be sober!

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    All those food treats sound wonderful @Mrs-D – enjoy 😀 x

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    Does anyone else not get more when paging down to the load more option? I think I lost a post from earlier today and can’t see posts from earlier today. Also, I have to go to different pages to find the Home button? I can see it briefly under the header at the top, then the header covers it up. @mrs-d?

    • YES – ever since we moved to the new site, whenever I “load more” I only get one more post. So annoying when I want to go back and send a reply to someone. I finished your letter sweet Jocord and I’m posting it on Monday with a little present. Xxx

    • Hi, mine is like that too. Some websites view differently on different mobile devices, I wonder if it’s that?

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    I know what u mean. There is such a stigma surrounding alcohol addiction. People like @mrs-d really inspire me. Have u read any memoirs or read any sober blogs? That really helped me a lot in the beginning. It still does, but to a different extent.

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    Oh good….how scary @mrs-d. I must have missed it catching up on my sleep.

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    That’s what happens when you not numb/ hungover/ passed out anymore @01oceanbreeze. And with the feelings come the strategies on how to manage them. They are, after all, absolutely normal. They were always there just buried. For me I found I had to go looking for advice on how to deal with feelings, because it hadn’t been part of my life for so…[Read more]

    • Thanks @agirl great advice – I’ve had my head buried in mrs ds blogs and lots of tools in this site so far. I’ve spent a lifetime reading all sorts of self help books and self analysis books and studied to be a counsellor. With all that said this area I’m living in now (going sober) I haven’t had to deal with before. There’s so much info on the in…[Read more]

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    WOW! @mrs-d youtube links posted in a comment are awful big! I feel like I’m hogging this thread! (and pushing other threads down) Any way to make them smaller?

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    I hear ya @mrs-d. We have very poor AF choices in Florida too. It drives me nuts! As a popular beach community we get a lot of college aged kids on Spring Break and tourists so it would be nice to have a variety of AF choices besides water and sweet sickly soda. Ugh!

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    Too funny @mrs-d! I’m heading over to Twitter now to follow you. That will show the silly twit, lol!! 🙂

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    I saw your post on Instagram and loved it @mrs-d!! Ignore that guy, your handle on insta is always at the top of my list! Love your posts! Xo

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