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    Heading into a new week with a bit of a sluggish feel, have a yoga class this morning which one side of my brain is trying to talk me out of, but the other side – the wise side – is going to win, knowing that I’ll feel much better for the entire week knowing I went (and it’s always lovely). Visited my friend in hospital yesterday, she has a bad pain condition, and it was lovely to see her and a good reminder walking through the halls that being grateful for my health and that of my families is a good thing to feel … while we are all well and healthy! Am sure sickness and other nasties will come our way, because that’s how life goes, so it’s good to appreciate the healthy times while we have them. Hope you’re all doing ok out there in Living Sober land! Thank you everyone for being here and bringing your bravery and truth. Without our lovely members we would be nothing but a hollow shell of a website.. but the warmth and togetherness that is experienced here is truly magical and thank you all for contributing towards that. Sobriety is gold! Hard bloody work at first but so, so rewarding. Together we are stronger x

    • I feel weird and sluggish after doing a weights class. I think it really does something … major? in the body, as does yoga, but I am more used to that. A couple a week make my whole experience of life more positive and calm. Not sure about the weights though 🙁 I really don’t like the way they do it and the loud music. Pity it is supposed to be the best thing as we age 🙁 🙁
      Happy yoga, happy week XXXX

      • @morgan Did you do a pump/ weights class? They are loud, the other way is pay for one trainer session and get the trainer to give you a basic program and show you how to do them correctly. When bored or weights have gone up significantly make another appointment. I love weights, my sister hates them, she’s a walker which I find boring. Ps music isn’t normally as loud in the weights rooms, in classes I have seen People use Ear plugs

    • Ain’t that the truth sober life is best life, and the wise voice is gold

    • oxoxxoxoxxxo Go you for making it to yoga!!!

    • Thank you Mrs D, and loved the Listener today. Good positive advice and facts.

    • the colder weather definitely doesn’t help in the motivation to get out for exercise! but like you, I’m always so glad I do. xx

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