• Mrs D posted an update 1 week, 5 days ago

    Hi gang – ok we are trying out a new feature and we want your feedback! Some members have expressed concern that they’re missing updates from other members that they’ve connected with in the past… if they’ve been off-line for a few days or when the Members Feed is particularly busy. So we are trialling a new ‘Follow’ function. With this function, if you have another member that you have connected with directly or feel a kinship with (because you’re on a similar day count for example, or have a similar situation going on in real life), you can click on their name to go through to their profile page and then click on ‘Follow’. This is an entirely PRIVATE exercise, they won’t know you’ve followed them and nor will anyone else. But once you have done that, if you come back to the main feed you’ll see under the comment box at the top you now have a filter that says ‘Following’ (next to ‘All Members’, ‘My Favourites’ & ‘Mentions’. Note: this won’t show up until you have followed your first person). Once you have followed someone and come back to the Members Feed, if you click on ‘Following’ you’ll see a filtered version of the feed with only those members you have followed updates in it. So ‘voila’ you can make sure you haven’t missed an update from them! You can then comment/reply within that filtered feed.. but all interactions are still visible in the main feed. That way we are not splintering our community off into groups at all, or creating side rooms or private chats.. it’s just to enable members to make sure they don’t miss out on updates from other members they’re particulary keen on. The main thing is it’s all private so there’s no danger of it becoming a popularity contest or making you feel any pressure or vulnerability. You just keep updating and posting knowing that it’s visible to all in our lovely community. So.. what do you think? Please give feedback and let us know. Try it out and see if it works ok for you. One question I particularly wanted to ask is if you think we should change the wording from ‘Follow’ to ‘Short List’. So on the profile page it could say ‘Add to Short List’ rather than ‘Follow’, and in the Members Feed the filtering option would read ‘Short List’ rather than ‘Following’. Thanks all! x

    • thanks for everything you do @mrs-d 🙏🏼

      • Thanks to both of you for all you do. This sounds like a great idea. I reckon you should call it Favourites.

        • haha oh no anything but favourites – favourites already exists in the system. Its the star just under a persons image (I need to move it and make it bigger). Unfortunately it will be to much work to repurpose the word through the codebase. Soz!

    • Sounds fab @mrs-d will make such a difference for catch ups with the overseas crew. ❤️❤️

    • That worked well for me, thanks @Mrs D!

    • I’m happy with the word following, don’t know about others!

    • Hahaha @Danthedev Yeah I realised that straight after I’d written it….duh! but then the phone rang and I’ve been unable to get back here till now. Following is a word people can relate to I guess because of instagram. Short List is too, so I don’t have a preference.

    • Ok I need to legitimately test that I have disabled youtube embeds. So heres a video encapsulating the developer experience #DevOnBrand

      • Another dev side note: I have increased the number of posts per page to 50. This should result in far fewer needs to click the dreaded “load more button”.

    • I like it and it works fine.

    • glad it is not a popularity contest, i hate popularity contests. Either following or short list is fine with me. thank you both for your continued work, @mrs d and @danthedev

    • @mrs-d & @danthedev just wanted u to know i recieved notifications of ppl following me. So it doesn’t seem to be private on that end. (Unless it was a kink that got worked out). It showed up as a blue notification on the bell. (Not complaining! Just want u guys to know). I am SO GLAD u did not change the site to a popularity contest with followers, friends and likes. And im happy u didnt seperate us with private groups and such. I think “following” is a great feature. I’ve heard many members saying they missed posts from ppl so i think that is the perfect solution without turning us into the typical social media site. I think that’s part of what makes this place so special. It’s not like the other sites. This place is almost “old school” and i LOVE it! So thank u both so much for all u do!🌸

      • Yes like Jesss your notification shows that someone is following and when you click it you can see who it is. Do you just mean others can’t see how many followers you have? So the followers are private to you and that takes the popularity contest out of it. Funny question but once you follow can you unfollow too…. just in case you want to follow someone about a thing and then not carry on?

    • just as a note, we ARE notified when someone else follows us. It shows up on my profile page who is following me. I’m tooooootally fine with this though! 🙂

      • @jesss @rise2015 Hmm notifications you should be turned off as of yesterday late afternoon. They were on up until then so you may have left over notifications from earlier. I just followed you – did you get a notification?

        @tipsytoegal you may be viewing a cached version of the site. I just went and looked at your and my profile and can’t see anything. You can check this by clearing your browser cache, regardless I’ll keep an eye on this ?

        • @danthedev i did not get a notification u followed me. I also did not get a notification u put @ in front of my name😱. I got rise2015 notification before though…

    • Love it!!! Thanks for setting that up!!!
      I do worry about missing out on updates from people I have connected with over time.

      • @jesss 🤦‍♀️ Oh no I totally gas lit you! I originally wrote (@)Jess with two ss not three and then went and edited it after. Which obviously doesn’t resend the notification. Soz 🙏
        But on the upside that’s validation follow notifications are not firing 😁

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