• Mrs D posted an update 1 month, 2 weeks ago

    Hey gang, 10.30am and I’m still in bed! Drinking tea and watching tele. Lush hangover-free Sunday morning. About to get up and do some work transcribing interviews.. but will also make some fancy meatballs for tea and potter around doing washing and stuff. Love that my Sundays are no longer about guilt and feeling shit. I’ve just shared on FB and Twitter the link to a podcast I was interviewed for. BBC presenter Janey Lee Grace has quit drinking and now does all this fabulous sobreity work including this podcast – here’s the link to it on Apple if anyone is interested (it’s free) We talk about my drinking and recovery story but also the ‘wine mum’ culture and learning how to deal with emotions etc x

    • Ohh bliss! You enjoy that tea and morning tele. Hmm…hangover free Sunday mornings…..I pray I never ever forget what I left behind….and I shall be extra grateful for waking up sober tomorrow myself.
      Thanks for being here in spite of a very full real life of your own! You continue to be such a positive influence on my life and sobriety.

    • Best way to spend a Sunday morning ❤️

    • Just listened to it as always a wonderful inspiration not only for when I need it but when I am feeling good ❤️

      • Oooo looks interesting but I’ve clicked on the link from Facebook and also the link above but it keeps saying tempoararily unavailable……@sheaney5 somehow you listened to it … I’m guessing it’s me?? Anyone else having problems with the link ?

    • Hi @Mrs-D! I like the idea of you taking the time to chill + lounge. Happy Sunday! x

    • Sounds like a great Sunday morning, I am soooo jealous – to have that freedom to lounge. Looking forward to reviewing the podcast. Thanks for the share and all you continue to do bring sobriety to the forefront of society, culture, etc.

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