• Mrs D posted an update 2 months ago

    I feel so inspired every day that I come on here and read about you brave & amazing people battling through the transition from living boozily to living sober. HEROES every one of you!!! To dig deep and do the work removing alcohol is so incredible, and there are many, many people who never do that. They just booze and feel miserable.. yet here you all are doing it.. actually doing it!! Bravo!!! And it serves as a great reminder for me of how hard it is in the early phases.. I can remember so well… adjusting to life with a wide open brain 100% of the time, slowing things down (boozing is frantic and noisy), learning how to socialise, deal with my emotions, retrain my brain not to look at alcohol as the magical ingredient to live a full, fun life.. it’s a lot!! But here I am 7+ years on and I don’t miss that stuff AT ALL. So hang in there you awesome people in the early stages.. hang on. I promise it does get easier.. and many of the long-timers on here will agree.
    I had to get up early to be interviewed for a podcast in the UK this morning (one on sobriety).. now on my second mug of tea heading into another busy day – but not too busy, will also walk the dog and lie on the sofa at some point to watch some crappy TV – self care right there! Oh and here’s a PSA – Bed, Bath & Beyond has some great slipper/socks at the moment, cheap and snuggly as hell! Have a great day! x

    • Thanks @MrsD, I intend to hang on tight for the bumpiest trip of a lifetime!! Day 4 here for me if I hadn’t mentioned last night!!!

    • You write so beautifully, @Mrs D ~ always a pleasure to read your posts & blogs & such. Thank you!

    • Thankyou Mrs D ❤️

    • Thanks so much! Dinner tonight at a pub no drinking for me! I was so pleased and surprised to be able to follow the conversation and comment and join in. In the past I’d be mulled over with three glasses in me. Wondering if what I said made sense. How good I feel now not to wonder. I’m missing the wine but loving my clear head. Headed into day 9. Love this site It’s my lifeline!

    • This made me tear up @mrs-d, such a beautiful space you made for us here! It’s nice to hear a “bravo” every once in a while, yeah us!

    • Thank you @Mrs D. You are such an inspiration for all of us. Teaching us and showing us by your actions how to live the sober life. Couldn’t do it without you. And yes it is good to hear a “bravo” now and then.

    • Thank you @mrs-d for being our inspiration. I’m 11 days in and find it hard to believe that I will one day say it’s been 7 years! One day at a time. Xx

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