• Mrs D posted an update 2 months ago

    I need to go really gently in the days ahead because I am feeling sooooo stretched and it’s starting to impact on my self-talk (lots of negative ‘woe is me’ thinking going on). Not sleeping great.. just need to make sure that I eat well, practice mindfulness (not get lost in my head, ground myself regularly in my body and the moment by looking at what I can see/hear & what my hands are doing), be grateful for all that I have.. and move my body! Will try to get a walk in with the dog today. And might have a bubble bath before bed tonight. All simple things but they’ll go a long way to help calm me down so I can get through this hyper-busy phase. Just parenting stuff and work and household and lots of helping friends in need with childcare and stuff.. it’s all good but BUSY!! I was awake at 4am listening to Tara Brach which was soporific and lovely. I know now after 7+ years of being sober how to look after myself when the going gets tough.. still hard going but all these little things will make it a bit better, AND send messages to myself that I’m worth looking after. Also.. I know time will pass and things will even out again.. I just have to hold on and go gently. Today is a fantastic day to be sober that’s for sure!! x

    • Awesome inspiration ! Go you! Hope things settle to a more even keel soon. Ooh I miss not having a bath! On my list! A nice big deep bath with lots of bath bombs containing rose petals and essential oils @mrs-d! Heaven! ❤️

    • Oh @MrsD, how I remember those days well! No end in sight then whoosh they are gone! We always led a very busy life with our boys, sometimes I feel I grieve for those days again,oh how I miss them! But keep up the excellent work,it is so so worth it! I sit back here(in my old rocking chair) lol, and feel such a wonderful sense of pride every time I look at my two boys and their lovely families! The rewards are absolutely endless so even though you need the odd bath bomb to get you through you will see the rewards! Talking of bath bombs, I’m set up for the next year after Mother’s Day! My family know me so well! Enjoy your day,xx.

    • Hi @Mrs-D, yes please do give yourself all of those things and more. You will get through this because you always do, but I want you to remember that it is okay to say no to people too. You juggle a hell of a lot all of the time, and it is a hard thing to learn that sometimes disappointing someone else by saying no, is vital to looking after yourself. Hugs xoxo

    • Create your boundaries …stick to them. I’m new to this and you’re oh so experienced but I think we all forget that if we’re not present for ourselves were no good to others either. Be kind to yourself ….

    • What Prudence said. I think I will try the gently gently thing too, good reminder as I get on my charger and try to save people rather than just be with them and encourage small step.
      And you have soooo many balls in the air… major things. Xxxx much love

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