• Mrs D posted an update 6 days, 15 hours ago

    Hi all, let me know if you’re having any trouble logging in. @danthedev changed some settings and added a captcha to the sign in page and I know someone below said they’d had trouble logging in. Not sure if it’s related but do let us kknow if you have trouble (and be precise if you can about what that trouble is). Thanks y’all and by the way today is a fantastic day to be sober!! x

    • It’s okay now, I’m here again, but it didn’t work some hours ago.

    • I posted under that post to say that I had trouble all day today getting in. This site always logs me out automatically like every other day or so, so I have to log back in each time I want to post. My login information is always “preloaded” in the login boxes and so i just hit “login” and I’m in. But today that did not happen. So I manually entered it (it was accurate as I have only ever had one login here) and it wouldn’t take it at all.

      I finally went to an old email notification of a past reply to one of my posts and clicked on “see conversation” and it let me see the conversation but still wasn’t logging me in. But FROM that page, I was able to click the login link at the top and then it accepted my login.

      I should add I am on an iMAC desktop and also a laptop.

    • @mrsd I also couldn’t sign in ,it wouldn’t accept my normal password and asked for a captcha but there wasn’t one. I went to site support and signed in there and that worked

    • I was unable to log on, said something about captcha but there was NO captcha. But just now I was again able to log in per usual.

    • Same here … I tried logging in and it said my info wasn’t accurate and then something about captcha but there was no captcha. This happened on both my iPhone and my laptop.

    • @Ro couldn’t log in yesterday either Mrs D but she would have to tell exactly what happened …

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