• Mrs D posted an update 1 week, 6 days ago

    Hey best online tribe of sober warriors in the world! My vertigo has largely gone thank goodness. Still not feeling 100% but I’d put myself at 98% which is a damn sight better than the 55% I was feeling last week. Lovely sunny, still day in my home town today but I have to admit I’ve spent most of it working on the computer while watching the Met Gala red carpet coverage on Channel E! Love myself a bit of red carpet action. Also love me a bit of royal baby news!! Yes indeed!! Happy for baby Sussex. I am a big Meghan and Harry fan and won’t listen to any of the horrid, horrid things people say about her (oh dear hope I haven’t opened up a can of worms here with this topic. apologies to anyone who takes offence and cares greatly that Meghan is a fraud. I have friends like that.. we simply agree to disagree and I say ‘time will tell!’). Anyhoo.. enough of that idle gossip. On a more relevant note (to this forum) I have just published a fabulous guest post from @ECD66, well worth a read – it’s on the homepage or the Mrs D’s Blog page. Also I heard something very exciting earlier today. There are plans afoot for a Recovery Walk to be held in Auckland later this year.. yes! A chance for any of us who want to be out and proud about our sobriety and recovery (and for families and loved ones of recovering addicts and those who work in the sector etc) to take to the streets and do a bit of a walk then have a gathering in a public square or park. Details are all being finalised with the council etc but hopefully October. Watch this space! I will definitely try and be there.. I’ve seen these sorts of events overseas where they have really taken off and have always felt quite moved by them. It’s a great opportunity to smash stigma and stand up and be proud. Ok time for a delicious mug of tea. Very happy to be sober today that’s for damn sure x

    • I was super excited about the royal birth too! My Mother is a British subject and have family over there. I’m so happy you are feeling better. Sounded like such a nightmare. How wonderful to have a recovery walk, we do that here where I live and it’s really inspirational. I love how progressive NZ is with the recovery stance – it’s an example for the rest of the world. Thanks for all your hard work on the site.

    • Oh exciting! I’d love to take part!
      Glad you are feeling better!!!

    • Glad your feeling better, I don’t really like Megan, but Harry was so cute when he announced the birth it was so touching, he’s very down to earth, Amy schummaker had her baby too, her instagram photo was sooo lovely, no special filter very natural and touching

    • A recovery walk yay lets do it!!! And so lovely about Royal bubs- any new mum needs all the support she can get I reckon.

    • Great you are feeling better @mrs-d. Love Megan and harry. Wasn’t he super cute talking to the press ! Love him! ❤️❤️

    • Glad you’re feeling better

      Has Mr D started on the radio?

      Walk = great idea

      enzedgirl = knackered, night night x

    • Glad u are feeling better @Mrs-D! That walk sounds so cool!!! 🚶

    • Thank goodness you are feeling better! And it may never happen again. I have been free of the wretched symptoms, even the slight dizzy if flick my head, for … mmm a few years. You may have to go gently at yoga …
      Meghan is an interesting woman. Only time will tell how she gets on in that crazy world. (I love Suits, though she annoyed me at times.) I think people often have to dis those types on principle. Have you read the Marie Kondo haters? Very nasty. Cleverly nasty

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