• Mrs D posted an update 2 weeks, 3 days ago

    Feeling pretty wretched here, been in bed for the last couple of days just nauseous and spinning out. Mr D managed to get me (crying) to the doctor yesterday afternoon and I’ve been diagnosed with Benign paroxysmal positional vertigo which is just super intense vertigo. Any movement of the head leads to intense nausea. Something to do with crystals or calcium deposits being dislodged and in the wrong place in the inner ear. NO FUN AT ALL. Can’t wait for it to pass so I can get back to normal (ie get out of bed) but it can last for days apparently 😩 Can watch TV and do little bits and pieces on the computer so that’s something.. but just feel bleaugh…. totally bleaugh… Also feeling for our @janus2 who is in hopsital. Hugs to all brave sober warriors fighting their battles right now. We’re all bloody legends x

    • That sounds awful @mrs d. Sorry you’re having to deal with that. I guess it’s some comfort to know that it will pass. Hoping you feel better soon. Hugs!

    • so sorry @Mrs-d, I have had vertigo and it can be awful. The nauseous feelings are just the worse. I also found the meclizine to be like taking a huge amount of sedative. I am sure your doc mentioned the positional cure? They reposition the crystals in your inner ear by moving your head….. sometimes it works like magic … if that is the reason you have vertigo. If it’s a virus, it does not work unfortunately. Take carexx

      • Yeah @reena he told me about this exercise called the Epley manoeuvre which I did earlier.. might have helped. Also taking anti nausea pills. Am able to do a few things out of bed today but pretty quickly want to collapse back down feeling bleaurgh…

        • ugh…. the doctor actually performed in on me I didn’t realize you could do it yourself. So sorry hoping it’s a short run! Trying to sleep is almost the worst with the room spinning.

        • @mrs-d I came down with this over 2 years ago. Simply awful. I went to the doctor and she gave me meds and printed instructions on how to do the maneuvers. I tried it with my husband’s help and it did nothing. Several weeks later I happened to be talking to a friend who is a physical therapist specifically trained in treating BPPV. She said people can do worse damage when trying the exercise on their own depending on which ear canal the crystals have settled. You can actually shift more crystals into the wrong canal. In any event, she treated me and in one session I was better. Please please seek out a PT in your area who is specifically trained in dealing with this and knows how to do the maneuvers properly. It was like a miracle for me. This was over 2 years ago and it hasn’t come back.

    • Oh that’s horrible! I had something similar a few years ago, you just feel so sick! I wish you a very speedy recovery ❤️❤️❤️

    • That sounds pretty hideous @mrs-d sorry to hear! Good that Mr D was able to get you to the Doc. He must be pretty busy with new job starting. Best wishes!

    • Oh no @mrs.d that is horrible. I hope you get better soon. My close family member has serious issues with calcium deposit attacks – they are usually gone in a weeks time. Hoping it passes quickly!

    • Oh, gosh. So sorry you and our wonderful lady @janus2 are both feeling so bum. Hope it passes sooner rather than later!

    • Vertigo is scary! I’m so sorry you dealt with that. You are stronger than you know. It WILL pass. Much love, my friend.

    • Prayers your medical support people will happen to find the cause of these symptoms creating neurotoxins. Prayers for a complete turnaround and ease in that Vagus nerve to stop the imbalance and nausea. That’s no fair. Lots’a love, from us.

    • Oh that’s awful @mrs-d, I have had that on and off for the last ten years. The exercises certainly help me. Rest up and I hope it rights itself ASAP.xx

    • Bother! A busy mother and author and Etc Etc does not need this horrible thing. I know it. Not at all good. My Dr did sort me with head movements a couple of times( bowl close by 😳🙄). Lots of love and may there be a rapid resolution xxxxx

    • Hope u feel better soon @Mrs-D 🌼

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