• Mrs D posted an update 1 week, 5 days ago

    Hi guys all a bit full on here. We’ve got to travel away tomorrow for the funeral and so there’s a lot to organise.. we’re away for a week so the boys will miss a little school and the dog needs a place to stay. Helped Mr D write his funeral speech yesterday 😥 He’s utterly destraught at losing his mum, as you’d expect, it’s pretty raw being up close to such grief. I feel incredibly sad but also quite grounded about it, and hugely touched and connected to all the family and friends and others who are reaching out. What we’re going through as a wider family really has bought out the best in people which is hugely heartening and strengthening. But very sad also and draining. Anyhoo… today I’m going to speak at a Govt department about my drinking and sobriety story, and to tell them all about this site. I’m always grateful for the opportunity to spread the good word about recovery and the power of community. This organisation is launching a big wellness programme for its workers and I’m speaking as a part of that.. so fantastic that people are addressing the real stuff. No shame! No stigma! Have a great sober day people xxx

    • Big times @mrs-d. We’re all here for you to vent. Much love. xx

    • You are such an inspiration. I have been thinking of sharing my sober story with colleagues in social work. You are setting the stage, @mrs-d. Our thoughts and warm regard are with your family at this tough time💙

    • Tough times indeed. Great you can get in helping him, then a talk amidst packing and getting away … heck.
      Lots of love to you all XXXXX

    • I’m sorry to hear about your mother in law, what a tough time you all must be going through x

    • You are so amazing @mrs-d such an awesome example of what can happen when we get sober. Being there for your husband and family and still making the time to go speak at an event about recovery when you are going through a hard time. Such an inspiration. Thanks for all you do. Prayers for the upcoming week. My heart hurts for you, Mr. D and fam.

    • Sending you all big hugs and strength to get through this terribly sad time. Thank goodness for your sobriety in such hard times xxx

    • oxoxoxox So much love to Mr. D and you oxoxooxoxoxox

    • Hugs to you and your family @MrsD XOXO

    • lots of love Mrs D, hope the talk at the Govt dept went well.

    • Oh. So that’s who it was. Huge Aroha to you and your family at this sad time. It sounds as though she was a wonderful woman.

      • Thank you so much for coming to share with us today! Especially during such a tough time for you. We have had great feedback. You were amazing and helped me feel brave enough to mention how my journey started with seeing you in that Sunday item on the telly 🙂 I know many others will be feeling inspired x

    • @mrs-d in 2012 my mum wanted me to read a poem at my Dad’s funeral. Didnt want to.. but ypu know, so like.. this is how i know my dad.. my choice of poem.. my choice of going out music, my dad stipulated that, funny now you say, think my sisters gutted by his express wishes for me to contribute. Love to your fabulous husband at this time. Xo

    • @MrsD so sorry for your loss. Good luck in your speech-you were given a gift to spread to others, thank you for your hard work.

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