• Mrs D posted an update 2 weeks, 3 days ago

    Friday morning in New Zealand and it’s a great day to be sober! I am working today then taking my two youngest boys to see Captain Marvel at 5 o’clock… can’t wait! I do love me a good superhero movie and am really looking forward to the final Avengers (this is what you get being a mum to sons.). Guardians of the Galaxy 1 was my absolute favourite because it was such a surprise. What does this have to do with sobriety – everything! Absolutely everything in my life is related to my sobriety. Quitting booze was the number one biggest and best decision I have ever made and everything flows on from there. Happy days people xxx

    • I’ve seen all the Marvel movies, thanks to my “boy” (i.e., husband). Mindless entertainment has never looked so good! Seriously, I drank to stop thinking, and these movies help me do that.

    • My son is at uni now. I remember it wasn’t that long ago we went to super hero and sci fi movies and watched the wrestling together. I really enjoyed my son and he has grown up into a lovely gentleman that gets a lot of respect from his peers and he is really humble in a good way.

    • I used to love Friday evenings with my family when my kids were at home. It’s a great night to relax after the work and school week. Enjoy the movie!

    • I love all those movies too 😊 I watch way more kids movies than grown ups 😀

    • @mrs-d enjoy your well deserved time! I love those movies too. Saw Aquaman, wasn’t too impressed. Going to see Captain Marvel this weekend. 🙂

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