• Mrs D posted an update 3 weeks ago

    Hi gang.. trucking on here. Still living in this surreal time of our beloved family members pretty rapid decline due to cancer. Not sure how long we have left. Lots of lovely family support but it’s a very sad time and everything feels rather heightened. I am trying hard to focus on my self care while supporting those around me.. doing pretty well although have been binging a bit on flour and sugar THAT STOPS TODAY!!! We went away to Auckland for the weekend to attend a friend’s event – a hair cutting ceremony for their 6-year-old son, it’s a Niuean custom and was very lovely. Also went out to dinner at an Afghan restaurant and the place was alcohol free!!! No liquor license! What a rarity! The place was humming and the food delicioius. I drank a yummy green tea flavoured with cardamom. Imagine if there were loads and loads of alcohol-free places to go and eat and listen to music etc. In our dreams.. or maybe in the future when society wakes up to how crazy it is that we’re saturated with booze everywhere. So grateful to be out of that silly trap. Alcohol free is the way to go! x

    • Wow that is a rarity!!! If only there were more of these magical places!
      Sending love and hugs to you and your family during this heartbreaking time ❤️

    • I lost my beloved auntie to cancer about 8 years ago Lotta. Much much sympathy and love your way.

      I’m getting back on the good food only wagon too. Too much flour and sugar for me recently and I wAnt to get my BMI under the obese range (FFS)

    • Hi Lotta, pretty safe to say you’ve been on our minds of late. Tender times, for sure. Hope you’re finding equal support from those around you, too. I can’t imagine there’s one of us who isn’t/hasn’t been (in)directly effected by cancer. For me, the passing of a dear friend 4wks ago, Enzedgirl’s auntie, 8 yrs ago. The list is endless, damnit. The brighter side of your wkend at the Niuean restaurant reminds me a little how NZ used to be, in many places, when a byo restaurant was a pretty racey concept, huh.

    • Thinking of you @Mrs-D. As Malibu said hope you are being supported too. Accepting help and support is as important as giving help and support. Its a sucky and bloody crap way to be finishing your last months at any age, so I hope that your family member has been able to squeeze in some special moments to treasure with you all.

    • Yes, what Malibustacey said, much love @Mrs-D.

    • Lots of love to you and whanau XX

    • The restaurant and ceremony sound great, the rest really gruelling, sad and hard. Some pretty awful stuff happening with one of our elders, one of the last, and I feel so helpless and far away. You are so right though, a/f is the only way to get through the bad, and the good. Xxxxxx

    • So much love your way oxooxxooxoxoxoxoxoxxo

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