• Mrs D posted an update 1 week, 5 days ago

    There is nothing I love more than waking up to dog vomit in the study 😜 NOT! Misty day here and I’ve got some transcribing to do, plus walk the dog and we have some tradespeople here finishing our kitchen (have been using the camping kitchen for 3 weeks now – the novelty is kinda wearing off). Feeling very grateful for my alcohol-free life right now as it’s a busy phase of life with parents getting older, kids turning into teenagers etc. Got to keep my head on straight and get through as healthily and happily as possible! Hope everyone has a lovely sober day x

    • That new kitchen is going to be worth every struggling moment in the camp kitchen Lotta. I love my kitchen every single day and I am so grateful for it, so simple and easy and practical and cool. Ooohhh yeah you’re really going to love it xx

    • @mrs-d just wanted to thank you for “Little by Little” and “Why I Love Sobriety.” Positive reinforcement works wonders with me! So well-written too.

    • Be ever so grateful you are sober for those kiddies turning into teens!!!! I raised 3 of them so far and am working on my 4th. Raising teens is NOT for the weak of heart! Hope the dog vomit cleaning fairy showed up for you today. Lol.

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