• Mrs D posted an update 3 weeks ago

    Hi guys, we’re thinking of taking away the ‘edit’ button that lets you fix typos/errors in your updates.. given that so often when posts are lost it happens after someone has tried to edit what they’ve written. Anyone have any major objection? We think it will eliminate some of the ‘lost post’ problems that we sometimes experience here.

    • I love the edit button @mrs-d. It works well but you have to literally post your stuff first and then go back and edit it. I am not sure but seems people are losing their posts when they are writing them and go back to edit but they aren’t posted yet? Maybe?

    • I like the edit button also @mrs d. If I have a long post that I want to edit, I usually copy it first as a safeguard.

    • I Love the edit bit! Key is post then edit and it doesn’t disappear ! ❤️❤️

    • Please keep the edit feature. I’m not a “long poster,” but I often need to fix up my short ones.

    • I like the edit button too. I use it to fix up my ttypo’s. (like that one there!).

    • Dear goddess I’m not sure I’d cope. Compulsively unable to post without at least one edit.

    • Oh geez, no one will ever understand what I’m saying, lol. Ha, they might not care to know when they read the unedited version.

    • Please keep the edit. I very often have to have a couple of goes at a post before it says what I meant – she says, editing this one.

    • i like the edit button, too. sometimes, i press the button and think… hmm…. let’s change that a bit. 🙂

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