• Mrs D posted an update 4 weeks, 1 day ago

    Interesting weekend here .. our teen snuck out of the house on Saturday night – his friend got sprung as he tried to sneak back in..and spilled the beans. This is the teen that broke his wrist last week. Sadly I can remember only too well that naughty and fun feeling of sneaking out.. except I used to push my parents car down the road then start it up and drive to get my friends then go up the hill to drink and smoke pot… yikes! Luckily he wasn’t that naughty.. they had chocolate and chips in their bag 🤗Anyway he’s lost some privledges for a while. We can’t believe this has started already – he’s 14! and once again I am reminded how grateful I am to be sober as we enter this new tricky phase of parenting. We’re still in the middle of our kitchen renovation and it’s been stressful with the painter not showing up and just a lot to think about and be on top of. I’m stuck in a 4.30am wake-up cycle which is annoying as fuck because I’m tired on top of busy.. but HEY – AT LEAST NO HANGOVERS!!!!!!! Have a great sober day people x

    • Lmao

    • Hi @Mrs-D! Your sons are very lucky that you’re sober. Hope you can get more sleep soon. x

    • Ooh bad boy ! But a little bit funny! Your kitchen is going to be so awesome when it’s done! Like you I’m in an early wake up phase too. Welly is windy and chilly eh. What a shock after all that hot weather. Have a great week lovely. ❤️

    • Oh so cute they had sweets on them! Hope you get some rest. 🙂

    • Oh dear I am not looking forward to the teenage years!!!

    • Hi Mrs D – I’m a newbie on here. Inspired by both your books ….. we live at opposite sides of the globe but appear to have a lot in common. Similar aged kids for one …… and a wine addiction….. and a kitchen renovation 😂. You are so right that the teenage years will be a lot easier to face AF. I have realised that no problem gets better when viewed through the bottom of a wine glass! Day 51 and going strong 💪🏻

      • @englishmum you’re doing great – 50+ days is epic! Hope your kitchen reno went well.. it’s a bit of a nightmare to live through isn’t it! (don’t want to complain as am very happy to be getting a new kitchen but gah! the process is no fun) x

    • oxooxoxo So good to be sober throughout all of that. oxoxoxox Ohh I remember sneaking out over the roof window…or sneaking my boyfriend in, haha. Phew.

    • OMG naughty boy! *shuddering in my boots thinking about my 12 year old*

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