• Mrs D posted an update 2 weeks, 3 days ago

    Happy Waitangi Day kiwis! And for those of you not in New Zealand hope you are having a good day too. Mr D and I just took our youngest son down to the Council run event on the waterfront and bought some food from a stall, sat on the grass and watched the crowd for a bit listening to lovely tunes. Was nice to get amongst the crowds. Now home pottering about, can’t wait to get my comfy pants on (best relaxation trigger EVER!) and settle in for a cosy evening. Love my cosy evenings that aren’t about me drinking glass after glass of wine like I used to. Crazy to think how much wine I used to sink.. many bottles every week. I shudder to think what my habit would be like now if I’d kept going. 7 1/2 more years of my drinking progressing and esculating.. I would be a remarkably different woman from the one typing this update to you now. And our household would have an entirely different vibe as well. **shudder**. So today I am GRATEFUL for my sobriety, grateful for all those who are also on a journey of sobriety (that’s you guys!) and grateful for living in a lovely little country down in the bottom right corner of the world. NZ aint perfect. But it’s perfectly ok with me x (I’m also hugely grateful to the world wibe web for connecting all of us with each other, united by bravery, strength and truth no matter where we live on the globe 🌎) x

    • Happy Waitangi Day @Mrs-D – tauktoko everything you said.

      i’ve had a classic kiwi summer kind of day – jeez it’s hot in Aucks. 29 degrees today although i wouldn’t be surprised if it was hotter in some spots. i think us Aucklanders aren’t used to weather this hot, i feel knackered!

      still, i’m very grateful for this absolutely beautiful summer we’re having, and i’m grateful for our progressive government – the Prime Minister and the Minister for Justice serving BBQ food for breakfast up at Waiting – just priceless and so highly valued by me. and i’m grateful, like you, for our very good internet connections and the supportive connections we’re all able to make here with each other.

      • Totally agree with you both @mrs-d & @enzedgirl so much to be appreciative of in this community and in our gorgeous country. Pretty chilly where we are today though. Lucky it was still dry and not windy so we could get outside and ‘do stuff’

    • Sound like a wonderful day @mrs-d! Glad you were able to enjoy it fully and not have to be preoccupied with getting home to get into the wine (remember those days? Ugh!! Me too!!). Comfy pants are the BEST reward ever and your cozy evening at home sounds lovely. Enjoy!! We really are the lucky ones. xox

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