• Mrs D posted an update 4 months, 1 week ago

    Beautiful day in my city and we are pottering about on holiday.. getting rid of old furniture (beds that we bought second hand 10+ years ago, desks that we got for free off the side of the road 😊).. gardening (that’s Mr D not me I don’t have a green thumb), cooking, reading, watching tele, swimming, walking the dog… and just appreciating the quiet time of year before school & work goes back and the boys get busy with all their activities and I run around like a blue arsed fly keeping things in order! I have just signed a new book contract so have a big job ahead of me this year.. non fiction but not a memoir.. yes about alcohol.. research based.. watch this space!
    I am SO SO sorry to hear that there are still problems and issues with our site and for some of you your user experience is not perfect… goddam it.. @winner had trouble getting on at all for a while.. apparently people are still getting issues with the Members Feed not loading properly.. and now @enzedgirl tells me the links in her notification emails don’t work (that’s a new problem we haven’t heard about before).. so GAH it’s all a bloody bummer and I am passing everything on to our techie. I will tell you AS SOON as I have any news or updates.. in the meantime please accept my apologies and know that we are trying to be responsive and aren’t happy about these issues being around.
    Aside from that let me just say that today is a bloody good day to be sober and I for one am certainly not putting any shit booze down my throat today. All of you for being here in this space of honesty and bravery are bloody legends. xx

    • Oh wow excited for the new book! Congratulations x

    • It IS a bloody good day to be sober!

    • It really is a bloody darn good day to be sober!!! xoxoxox Congratulations on the book contract!!!! I can’t wait to get my hands on that one. Do make sure to say “No” to whatever you can along the road, because Mrs. D also matters….. and whyamIgivingunsolicitedadviceyousogotthis. 😉 oxoxoxoxox

    • Any book you write, I will read! That’s so great. xo

    • Can’t wait to put your new book on my reading list!

    • The site is working well for me! Hopefully all the bugs will be worked out soon and you can relax for a bit:)

    • That’s so awesome @Mrs D Congratulations. I’m with @Maril135 and @Suek..great day to be sober,Helllll yes!!

    • glad to hear about your non fiction book. cannot wait to read it. It is a great day to be sober, ditto. !

    • Congrats on the new book @mrs-d 😀

      Sorry I didn’t make myself clear. It’s the links from the notifications you get on the site that aren’t working for me (sometimes).

      You know the little bell at the top right of the page where you get a little blue number that alerts you if someone had mentioned you or replied to one of your comments or posts? Those hyperlinks under that section are the ones that aren’t working consistently for me.

      Also I can’t update my profile / public story and I’ve seen quite a few people commenting about that.

      Thank you so much for chasing it up. I know it’s incredibly frustrating for you xxx

    • No worries about the site Mrs. D. It’s easily gotten around.

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