• Mrs D posted an update 4 months, 2 weeks ago

    I love being home! I love our dog and our house and my absolutely MASSIVE tea collection and my comfy bed and my Sky planner in the bedroom full of hours of my favourite TV shows and my washing machine which has already done 3 loads and my kitchen now full of fresh food thanks to the online grocery order I did yesterday that just got delivered and my pile of books to read and all the lovely new soaps and lotions I got for Christmas. This is my happy place.. my sober bubble as I call it. We had a fabulous holiday, everything went according to plan and I stayed happily sober throughout and ate well, so I feel very healthy even though I’m tired. Sobriety has made me very good at looking after myself, one of the many joys of sobriety I say. Self care… it’s SO important. Little gestures that you can make that show yourself you’re looking after yourself. x

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