• Mrs D posted an update 3 months, 2 weeks ago

    Wow some very cool milestones down the feed and I am blown away (again!) by how lovely this space is. Thank you EVERYONE for being here and being so honest and brave and cool. Without you we’d be a hollow shell. A very nice, fancy, new hollow shell but a hollow shell nonetheless. Hey an update on the ‘lost post’ issue. Our developer has tweaked some settings to do with if you leave the site open on your browser which might hopefully help (thanks for the feedback @bexter!) but do let me know if it happens to you again so we can keep track of the issue. Make sure to tag me @mrs-d so I get a notification. We are out to dinner tonight for some family friend’s 50th wedding anniversary – it’s a sit-down dinner at a lovely function venue.. I hope they have nice non-alcoholic drinks on offer ! Hate it when there’s just orange juice and coke etc…
    Also – LAST CALL FOR PHOTOS for our ‘Silly Season Survival Guide’ pictorial post. I now have a really great number of cool pictures from lots of you (thanks!) and will put the post together tomorrow. This is for a post illustrating the thing in our homes and environments that are going to give us strength/make us feel good/inspire us/nourish us as we navigate through the Silly Season. Email your photo to me at and make sure you tell me your username and also give me a line or two about what you are sharing and why. Thanks folks! x

    • Ooops, I emailed mine today, Lotta and forgot to put my user name @Mrs-D

    • Mrs D I think you are amazing & you are the reason & motivation that I am now 693 days sober & at the very least, $11880 better off. That is only the $$ record of what I would drink at home. So I would reckon the savings could be be nearer $13/14,000.
      On reading your book I felt like you wrote my life story & life style. Hence here I am a much better, wiser, richer, sober wife, mother & Nana.
      Yes I agree. Why to places so often only have coke & orange juice as non alcohol. I don’t like either of them. My choice is ginger beer & very often that is not available.
      Sometimes us sober soles feel a bit left out. But my gosh it is worth it
      Thank you for a fantastic site & for every body out there helping each of us through sobriety & a healthier happier lifestyle

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