• Mrs D posted an update 4 months, 3 weeks ago

    Hi lovely tribe, I’ve been emailed some lovely photos from you lot for our ‘Silly Season Survival Guide’ pictorial post BUT I NEED MORE!! Keep them coming !! Email to me at
    For those of you don’t know what this is.. it’s a Pictorial Post that I am going to publish here this coming weekend.. full of images from community members, things in your home or environment that gives you strength/makes you feel good/inspires you/nourishes you as you navigate through the Silly Season. Because lets face it .. this time of year is tricky for us sober people, especially those new to sobriety. Booze is every-bloody-where, at every end of year party and work do and certainly on Christmas day and NYE. We are brave and amazing for forging through sober, and we need to remember to have things around us to help keep us feeling good and strong and focussed on why we’re quitting drinking. SO, this post is by us, for us.. but in order to make this work I need photos !! So please email me a photo of something in your home or environment that is important to you. Is it your cat? Your view? Your kids? A special book? A quiet spot in the neighbourhood? Your shed? For inspiration take a look at what members sent in 2 years ago when I first did this post.
    This post will be really cool as it’ll give us a glimpse into each others lives .. and of course we can also get ideas of other things we can use to inspire us or make us feel good and strong.
    Email your photo to me (as large a size file as possible) at and make sure you tell me your username and also give me a line or two about what you are sharing and why.
    Thanks in advance everyone!
    Also – sorry to see reports of a few more lost posts .. I cannot tell you what a bummer it is to be dealing with this issue here on the new site. Our developer is looking into it and it would be really helpful for him if you could let us know when you lose a post 1) what device you are on (phone, desktop, tablet, laptop?), 2) what browser you are using (Chrome, Firefox, Safari?) and also 3) were you editing at the time. Make sure that if you edit a post, after you have edited hit ‘save’ not ‘reply’. Also just be aware that this site is built on WordPress/Buddypress and it doesn’t catch your data on your computer (like an autosave on a word processing programme) so be wary when writing a long post or one that takes a while.. it would pay to copy the text before you hit ‘post update’ in case you lose it you can copy it into the text box and try again. I’ve never lost a post but others have and I know it is very frustrating so please accept my apologies if this happens to you – it’s not what I want you to experience when you are here. Especially when you’re all being so brave and amazing sharing your truths. Right gotta get my boys to school then the dog to the vet then do some work on a new project of mine. Today is a bloody fantastic day to be sober!! xx

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