• Mrs D posted an update 3 months, 2 weeks ago

    Good morning best online tribe of sober warriors in the world! I’m going to start with the positive – I’m really pleased that many of you are noticing the posts that I’m publishing, as I always felt with the old site that most people just went straight into the Members Feed and missed some of the other great material that was being published elsewhere on the site. Now that the sobriety calculators are on the homepage I suggest you bookmark that homepage so that when you come here the first thing you see are the new posts I’ve published and your sobriety calculators.. then it’s one click into the Members Feed. Yesterday I put up a Guest Post from the lovely @suek that she wrote a few years back but it is still really powerful.. about her concept of a Sober First Aid Kit. Very helpful at this time of year especially!
    Ok now onto the negative. #*&#%#$@$ our lost post issue is still with us. I’m speaking with our new techie and he is looking into it and giving feedback and advice (which I will pass on to you). He says it’s unfortunate and frustrating that upgrading WordPress and buddypress didn’t fix this problem and we’re not 100% reliable. The reason is that livingsober and many other smaller sites are not capable of real-time saving of your data (eg google docs). Consequently there is always a risk that something goes wrong and your data disappears. Unfortunately there is very little he can do within the core WordPress or buddypress framework. He’s going to try and get some secondary safety measures in place – but in the end these are band aids on the problem not solutions to the actual problem. In general his advice to anyone who is writing longer messages is to not write it in the browser but in program like word, google docs, notepad or notes app and then copy paste it into the place you want to post it. And be wary of the edit button. And if you can copy before you hit ‘post update’ then if it disappears you can paste it and try again.
    He’s going to keep investigating the issue though and the more information we can give him the better so please if you do lose a post can you let us know what device you are on (phone, ipad, desktop etc), what browser you’re using (Chrome, Firefox, Safari etc) and also if you were trying to edit.. or if you wrote a bit then went away, then wrote another bit again then published. Sigh. This is deja-bloody-vu as we spent so long dealing with this issue. APOLOGIES to all members. Especially @tipsytoegal @marathongirl @lizzy @ro @bexter who this happened to recently x

    • @jaxisdry can you email me at I think there’s a problem with your email address on this site x

    • ‘Mornin’, @Mrs D. Our new layout makes it so much easier to navigate this site. Thanks for the head’s up. Sometimes I’ll just “copy” my post in case I might need to edit it after I’m done. Personally, I haven’t found any glitches to the ‘edit/save’ feature…ho hum. I do notice, howeverrrrr, going back to ‘editing’ my post will mean working on an itty bitty tiny window. Not a 3rd world problem. It’s looking more like summer everyday ~ warm morning in Taupo ~ the lake is glassy as a glassy thing.

      • Hi @malibustacey I never have problems editing either but others do. You’ve got to make sure you hit ‘save’ when you’ve finished editing.. not ‘reply’. Hey you know you can enlarge the text box by pulling down the bottom right hand corner (you can see two little diagonal lines there that show where you drag to enlarge)

    • Hi @Mrs-D I mentioned to @DantheDev that the site doesn’t function at all well on my Samsung tablet which is my preferred device for LS. The type is delayed. It won’t scroll easily at all, scrolling is delayed and jerky. This morning I checked my notifications but when I went back to the members feed it wouldn’t go there. It said Members Feed but would not show me new posts, just stayed on my notifactions. There is also no x in the corner to take the site down which would be helpful when things aren’t working. Good idea to make the homepage book marked instead of the members feed, as I miss the calculators and wondered why they weren’t on the members feed like before. The site is working on my other computers, but thought you should know as many people have tablets. The other site worked fine on the tablet. And the tablet works fine outside of the site so not a tablet issue. Feel so sorry for all of you who have worked so hard to get it up and running, to be having any issues at all. I haven’t lost a post yet. Have a good day xo

    • I really like the new site @mrs-d. perhaps just having to look around t to find out how it works has shown me more of your old posts. They are awesome, thank you XXXX I just loved the poem by the guy (can’t remember his name) who talked about his wife and family- there goes my chance of… Loved it!!!! 😀

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