• Mrs D posted an update 3 months, 2 weeks ago

    Oh my goodness I simply CANNOT BELIEVE that some of you are reporting LOSING POSTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Isn’t that why we bloody rebuilt this site????!!!!!! AAARRrrrrggghhhh I am so sorry… @ro @bexter you two seem to have had the most trouble. Anyone else? I will certainly be passing this feedback on you can rest assured. I’ll be hella pissed off if we have the same lost post issue that we had on the old site (although I am happy to have a much more userfriendly and attractive new site it was mostly for me all about eliminating our technical issues we were having on our last site). Bummer. Do accept my apologies everyone. I have long suspected the problem is with the edit button.. so edit warily. But I’ll get our techies to check it out. Lovely warm day here and have just been at the beach for my sons surf lifesaving training. Other son had a swim..really starting to feel like summer ☀️☀️☀️
    Hey I’ve had some more gorgeous photos sent through for our ‘Silly Season Survival Guide’ pictorial post – thanks all. And keep them coming !! Email to me at Here’s a repeat of what I wrote yesterday about this in case you missed it:
    “For those of you don’t know what this is.. it’s a Pictorial Post that I am going to publish here in about 10 days.. full of images from community members, things in your home or environment that gives you strength/makes you feel good/inspires you/nourishes you as you navigate through the Silly Season. Because lets face it .. this time of year is tricky for us sober people, especially those new to sobriety. Booze is every-bloody-where, at every end of year party and work do and certainly on Christmas day and NYE. We are brave and amazing for forging through sober, and we need to remember to have things around us to help keep us feeling good and strong and focussed on why we’re quitting drinking. SO, this post is by us, for us.. but in order to make this work I need photos !! So please email me a photo of something in your home or environment that is important to you. Is it your dog? Your new shoes? Your view? Your sister or brother? A special song? A quiet spot in the garden? Your bed? For inspiration take a look at what members sent in 2 years ago when I first did this post.
    This post will be really cool as it’ll give us a glimpse into each others lives .. and of course we can also get ideas of other things we can use to inspire us or make us feel good and strong.
    Email your photo to me (as large a size file as possible) at and make sure you tell me your username and also give me a line or two about what you are sharing and why.
    Thanks in advance everyone! I will keep repeating this message over the next week or so.”

    • I don’t think I’m getting email notifications when people post stuff to me…… not sure though…… might be me……. I’ll check my junk mail : )

    • Yeah it’s only been when I use the edit then save button. I thought perhaps I’d had a gagging order enforced cos I know I can talk shit, but I had written a really informative, plagiarised post from a book I’m reading about health conditions and omega-3 intake that took half an hour to type …I’m averse to typo’s but next time I’ll just leave them @mrs-d 🙂 p.s loving the new set up too, and I’ve found it easy to follow so far

      • Also I love your tat and it’s almost in exactly the same spot as my Tt one that I got for a sobriety treat 🙂

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