• Mrs D posted an update 11 months, 1 week ago

    Hi gang well I got a call a few days ago from the company I’d been contracting at recently, asking if I could come back again for a few weeks as they are yet to get their new team up and running (and the other contractor who came in after me got another job and had to leave).. so here I am back at work today! Have to admit it felt quite nice getting up to go to work on a Monday morning.. and it will be very nice when I get paid! $$$ So I am back to being busier for a wee while, but that is ok. Am back in control of my food after a few weeks of binging again, so that is making me feel good. And I am practicing mindfulness quite a lot right now as there is some stressful stuff bubbling away for us in various quarters. But as always staying SOBER is my number 1 life hack and that, my friends, is a given. Goodness knows what I’d be like if I was juggling this busy, tricky life of mine while also simultaneously pouring a crap ton of wine down my throat. So, so, so, grateful to have that stuff gone. Day 2586 according to my little yellow counter which is just over 7 years. Hooray! x

    • Aw yay that’s great news and a bit of extra dosh 🙂 2586 days is amazing lady ! Xxx

    • Great news.

    • Congrats Mrs D on the job and on 7 years of super sobriety! I am always blown away by this community, the support, shared experiences, ups and downs, have never come across anything quite like, it has been an integral part of my journey so just wanted to say thank you for setting it up xx

    • So happy for you and the job, great to see your talent acknowledged. 7 years is amazing but then so are you. Xoxox

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