• morgan posted an update 1 week, 4 days ago

    A lovely grey, cool, rainy day in mid Sth NZ. They are threatening massive storms and god knows what but it seems calm here.

    As I longed to sleep in, it occurred to me that all the healthy strategies around being really free of a crazy toxic poison must go on, and on, and on – so, last night a lovely restorative yoga class to end the week, and today pilates uggghhhh so hard, but soooooo good. My brain is calmer afterwards, my muscles singing songs of happiness to be used and challenged.

    I may start the next bone broth, full of herbs and vegetables, and certainly plan a week of healthy eating.
    How boring?

    But no, as time goes on, these small things are the meaning of life.
    Sure, my work is full on, complex problem solving, kids, families, ISSUES, and also lots of mental energy needed to engage children in activities they love – demanding for me, not a creative type, and never liked silly games – so I crave times of nothing but quiet domesticity.

    Could we share the ways we are building our new, free lives? Lives not dependent on a dopamine booster driving us into dissatisfaction, cancer, weakness, poor links to ‘friends’ and family.

    What are you doing this weekend to really live?

    • Not boring at all @morgan. I too, take great pleasure in the ‘small’ things.
      We are having friends over for a barbecue. I’m keeping the dinner simple….steak and corn on the cob, yum. It’s more about sharing some time with friends anyway. The weather is going to be gorgeous this weekend!

    • Hmm, good question. What am I doing this weekend to really live? I have not started yoga and i wanted to a year ago, but so many things have changed. First of all, I am looking at how to take care of things, to make life simpler, less busy, busy in action and busy in mind, This weekend, I am going to a quiet house into the country, on the water, with friends for one of the days, and the next day I am going to lunch with my brother. I was going to ask my brother to watch the oldest dog so I could spend the night way (my older dog is a bit grumpy and honestly, I just don’t want to stress him out and the other older dog out since they have not met), but my sil is away, and my brother is a drinker and i don’t want him getting a dui or worse drving to my house. I mean he would not say no, but well, i know my brother. So I will spend the day. They will be drinking A LOT. so i am not upset to have an out. Anyway, the little dog (75 pounds) will be with me and she and I will have great fun with great friends. Drive home, AT NIGHT!!!

    • This question stings for me, @Morgan! My hubs will work 1/2 day on Saturday. It’s supposed to be absolutely gorgeous summer here. I always want to jump into these days and drench myself in the weather, night and day. However, I have to care for my son. On this gorgeous day he refused to get out of bed and we missed a party at my husband’s workplace. I did go outside and mow the grass whilst watching son through the window. This will be the same scenario all weekend. So, to make it worthwhile, I will concentrate on making son’s weekend entertaining and take a deep, deep breath when thoughts of what we could be doing enter my brain.

      • @Jocord I feel that I am in the “presence” of a very special person when I read these words of yours. To live with ongoing challenges caring for your son in such a positive way says a great deal about who you are. And without thinking about drinking!! I have a niece with a totally disabled son who can do nothing for himself and I believe that people like her and you and @rise2015 are amazing!

    • Good morning Domestic Goddess! I have listened in bed to the last half of of The seven blessings of Love. It is very wise and beautiful, and about how to connect with all the forms of love. It is also about the world, the planet, the danger of 5G and about collective love energy needing to become a force to trigger consciousness in the powers that be. Then I had a hot bath and stayed still in there for a long time taking in all I had just listened to. And now I am sitting at the table with my little 60’s black teapot with the pink lid and a pink bone china tea cup with pink tea in it! It’s pink coz it’s lemon ginger and apple. I had Ceciles Museli with coconut yogurt and lots of nuts. I am listening to some old Tom Waits, Tom Petty, Johnny Cougar and now Roy Orbison doing Only the Lonely. I’m daydreaming about the little bubba coming along in March. I will do some sorting of cupboards and things in very slow preparation for the move. I am having an inner growth spurt at the moment I think!! I will do some imaginary yoga and an imaginary walk out to the highway! Grin! I am watching the rain fall gently on the deck and the grass. I am happy. xx

    • Working on starting a website for my business, I’m so intimidated but I will given it a go. The farmers market and delicious veggies, and maybe an ice cream. At least one bike ride, maybe two..and watching the Netflix series that @janus2 r ecommends. Oh yeH, turning my airbnb over on both week end days is busy, and I am very happy. Keep it coming!

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