• MissFreedom posted an update 3 weeks ago

    This morning’ s meeting helped . I am still in pain but still better than a suicidal hangover .
    This too shall pass . Could it be i am in mourning ? In mourning of my past drinking life ? now that i embarked towards year two ?

    • Agirl replied 3 weeks ago

      Maybe??? Sounds like a cause for celebration rather than mourning, but change does take its toll doesn’t it. Be kind to yourself lovely, as you say- this too shall pass.

    • @missfreedom I honestly went through that last weekend. If you want to talk let @mrs-d know and she can hook us up via email. Depression is really normal, walking through it is key and not easy but you don’t have to do it alone! xoxoxox I like how @Agirl is thinking – celebrating that you did walk through it and definitely this too shall pass.

    • I’m 76 days and going through depression at the moment. Have crashed and burned. Have made appointment with doctor and will go back to counseling. I am doing what ever it takes to stay off the beer. don’t want to be AF and miserable.

      • Hang in there darling . Still better to be AF and miserable than drunk and miserable . We are going thrue a process of change which involves a lot of emotions , let’ s not be taken back to our old miserable way of life , we will get thrue this state . x

      • @truthangel I’ve been dealing with the depression too. The only thing that helps for me besides gratitude and meetings is exercise.

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