• MissBennet posted an update 3 weeks, 6 days ago

    Day 15, the beginning of week 3 – facing a Monday sober is sooo much better than facing it dogged in a mire. Loving sobriety. Happy week to everyone.

    • Mornin’ @MissBennet. Bless your little BBBBennet-self. You’re right. Dogged in a mire doesn’t belong here. ‘Dogged in a mire’, I’m gonna use that today ~ somehow casually work it into a conversation somewhere. heh. Looking all sparkly this 15th day!

    • Hi @missbennet Whereabouts have the wheels come off for you in the past? How about making some plans to avoids those banana skins this time? e.g. “Yes… it’s true. I can’t control my drinking. I don’t need to find this out again I already know it and I hate the way I feel after picking up again.” Put a note on the fridge? on the bathroom mirror? What can you do to avoid the traps that have caught you in the past? Make a list of them and identify the mistake? You are going really well. Keep doing what’s working!

    • so, glad to see you at day 15, @missbennet – love hearing from you. looks like daveh is offering some good advice. introspection. be well.

    • Good job! 15 days sounds great!

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