• MissBennet posted an update 1 month, 1 week ago

    Day 12 – blah. @buggles, @lars we keep going forward and have a splendid weekend. And anyone and everyone. 💃🏻

    • Blah is good because your not suffering a hangover 👍some days are cloudy some are sunshine 😁

    • Yay for us!! Yes I had a great first half of the day yesterday then crumbled, but at least I’m having good moments now. Yes the Blah is so true 😂
      Was taking to my doctor yesterday about my issues with sleep, it was very interesting. For all the years I was drinking I haven’t had a normal sleep, the type of sleep they call ‘rem’ sleep. It’s the most important part. Alcohol stops that from happening. She said my brain is so used to not sleeping properly I need to teach myself how to sleep. So routine at night. Tonight’s plan is to read 🙏

      • @buggles I’ve had insomnia all my life and have put myself on a sleep schedule, one big help is no electronic media for a few hours before bed, makes a huge difference!

    • nice, day 12, keep on. congrats.

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