• Miss.Maddie posted an update 3 weeks, 1 day ago

    Day 2 ! I’m made it through my day then night a.f which the help of you all and reading others stories and advise so thank u so very much !!!!! Have to say my sleep was crap.. my skin was so hot and I was then having sweats which then made me cold and sticky … I hope this subsides fast ???? Thank you 4 helping me friends xxx

    • Hopefully tonight will be way better. Celebrate a new, free life on its way!

    • It gets better, be proud of yourself! 🙂

    • you’re on your way! x

    • Congratulations on day 2. You’ll feel cruddy for a few days, stay hydrated and be kind to yourself, it gets better.

    • Not being able to sleep will carry on for a few more days yet, but this is as it should be; it is your body recognising the absence of alcohol. It will come right as will the racing mind, fast heartbeat and sweatiness. The other change you may notice when these settle down is that your skin colour will come back and you’ll look healthier again. You’re doing great. Keep doing what’s working.

    • Wise and brave. Best decision you ever made. Stick with it and the world will be your oyster xx

    • it gets better every day, drink water or some kind of fluids, everything keeps on changing, enjoy the ride and the journey.

    • Oh yes. Trust that it definitely gets better – in fact, it gets better and better every single day. Even if you’re have a shit day, you’ll find it’s still better than a day spent recovering from a drunk night. Hang in there. And keep coming back here. The folks here are awesome – and really wise. You can do this.

      • God anyday no matter hoe bad ever is as bad as a hangover day !!!! I look forward to every day getting better and better xxx

    • I too had all those sweats from everywhere!my face,legs,head…for about 6 days. I had anxiety,palpitations,crap sleep.But now on week 2 they have subsided and I feel so much better.We’ve all been there so don’t worry,easier said than done, I know,but I promise it will get better.Your bodies just ridding itself of that awful poison.good luck

      • God so I have another week or so of greasy gross sweats to go eeeewww!!!! But I guess all those toxins have to go sumwhere ! Thank u so much for taking time to help me and talk xx

    • Hey @miss.maddie I’m so pleased you made it thru your 1st day and onto your second. I was worried for you. I’m nearly finished my 7th day and finding it really hard. But I’m hanging in there as I’m sure you will too.

      • Omg thank u so much for thinking about me!!!!! That honestly means so much !!!!!!!! I’m currently drinking a cup of tea lol… drank about 50 gallons of water today too … actually obsessive so .. I think to fill my tummy and distract me etc … u must feel amazing in your day 7 !!!!!! Yay !!!!! Xxxx

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