• micca posted an update 1 week, 5 days ago

    Day 1. Got to take a break from alcohol. I cannot do moderation. I have no off button….

    • I don’t have an off button either. Never have never will! Go u on day 1👍

    • Great! You’re going to feel so good in a day or two once the alcohol is out of your system. Then it’s just a matter of learning how to deal with the thoughts to drink! You can do it.

    • I was the same ! Best decision ever !

    • Nice job on starting day 1 @micca. Go well. 🙂

    • Me either.

    • Same here . One drink is just a teaser , i want the big buzz .
      But the price to pay is my sanity , too expensive and exhausting . I applaud you for day one .Everyday sober is always day one .

    • I could never find the off button either. Welcome.

    • Hi @micca. Good that you realize you have no off button. Moderation doesn’t work for many (surely not me). One step at a time. Make the decision and be done with it. Stay close here and just do not pick up a drink. You can do this. And you’re worth it!

    • neither do i. I think mine was broken at birth x

    • It would sneak back up on me with my head justifying having a drink. I no longer like the option of moderation because I would make alcohol an obsession, with counting and always feeling deprived not having another one then the resolve would lose its hold. It would be a miserable existance of white knuckling and increasing the odds of getting off my face and waking up with the regrets that brings. Too much hard work. Easier by a long shot for me to go the AF way.

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