• MaryB posted an update 1 week, 6 days ago

    Just got over a really frustrating day thro no fault of mine. I did’nt miss the wine but dear God I missed the “distance” it always gave me. I think dealing with this stuff is going to be harder than not drinking.

    • yep, but it does get easier.. truly it does. You just get used to dealing with things in the raw. I couldn’t imagine it any other way now and I was full of wine every day for many years.. so hang in there x

    • Yes…life becomes real once we stop hiding in a bottle. It’s a bugger having to get through life like everybody else does, but there you go.

    • Yes…but in the end we pay a bigger price avoiding and numbing it with booze.
      It gets easier but it does help to build up some ‘tools’ to tackle stress with.

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