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    Hi everyone, i need some advice. I have a staff member with a meth addiction. He cleaned up once but had fallen back into the trap. I’ve booked a doctor’s appointment but I’d love advice on getting him help. What’s the most successful treatment for meth? Where are some great rehabs? It’s there a massive wait? How can i help him? All advice and suggestions welcome x

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    • there’s some great information on here @marmite I don’t know much about rehabs etc but there’s a helpline here and the people there will know more. Sounds tough x

    • Hard work Marmite. You are an awesome boss trying to help him. The key thing is that he decides he wants to get meth-free.

      If he does there are places to go get help.

      I can’t comment on wait times sorry x

    • Hi @marmite If you talk to someone with a meth problem about your own addiction they will get it. If you talk about what happened to your mind, your emotions and feelings they will completely understand you and you will strike empathy straight away. Just change up “alcoholism” to “addiction” and never specifically mention booze.

      Meth makes precisely the same mess of peoples’ minds as alcohol does and their challenges in recovery are the same except you may have one more hurdle with a meth user… attention span. For about the first month or so they only have a very short attention span… so keep the messages brief and the listening long. You are attempting to get them to go “me too!” in their minds when you describe what happened to you, and when they talk about themselves you keep confirming “me too!” to them. This breaks their isolation and they become able to open up and speak more honestly.

      As with all recovery options, none is worthwhile until they are committed to drastic change. When they ARE ready then all therapy options will work. It’s about the timing not the treatment. So your immediate challenge is to foster acceptance and willingness. Good luck. Meth is a tough one.

      • Thank you @daveh . Yes, my husband opened up to him about his oxycontin addiction and i have been open about my alcohol addiction. He wants help. He wants to quit again. He can see that it’s destroying his life. I’m so proud of him for being honest about what’s really going on. We’ve had a few issues with his attitude and it’s all starting to make sense now, the mood swings, the egomania ( he’s a chef so initially that didn’t worry me too much!) I’m quickly trying to educate myself

        • Hi @Marmite Whereabouts in the country are you looking in terms of treatment options? Until you find somewhere suitable (yes, this may take weeks) what are you doing with him? Are there NA meetings in your area? Please be careful with Doctors… if they don’t understand addiction they can intervene with medication in ways that are really unhelpful. If the doctor recommends diazapan then check that they understand what they’re doing. Here is a meeting list for Narcotics anonymous. It’s definately worth a try:

    • @marmite I have a cousin with an on and off again addiction, who did go through odyssey house here in Auckland. Don’t have much contact recently to offer any update on how he found it. However, read a book you may find interesting called “A very fine house: a mothers story of love, faith and crystal meth”. The book is very enlightening and heartbreaking about sitting on the outside wanting to help someone who is incredibly deep into her addiction.

    • Less wait for the ones in Baili and Thailand there was an article on stuff a while ago.

    • You could try CADs, a guy in my group sessions had a meth addiction and he got a lot out of the groups!

    • He’s so very fortunate to have you in his life 😘

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